What Are the Advantages of Living In New York State?

Once you have lived in New York and it has become your home, no place else is good enough.” -John Steinbeck

New York State: the American state of lights and magic, where all dreams come true. Whether this is an overstatement or not, it is hard to deny that New York is indeed America’s dream state. Home to some of the most incredible architecture, stunning natural sights, and the liveliest people in the world, New York State is no less than a gem of a state that has been carefully designed and built to be a wondrous place for all frequent and first-time visitors. 

Whether you plan to live in the highly modernized New York City or want to immerse yourself in Manhattan’s local culture and art, there is a lot to experience and take in when you are in New York State.

So, should you consider living in one of the cities of New York State? Of course. Here are some of the advantages of living in New York State.

Seven Advantages of Living In New York State

From some of the most gorgeous natural lakes and waterfalls to world-class museums and art galleries, New York State has a plethora to uncover for people of all interests.

Hence, if New York State is where you are headed, get ready to enjoy the seven advantages listed below:

Stunning Architecture

If you plan to visit New York State for stunning architecture, there can be no place better than New York City. Imagine a place lined with beautiful sky-high buildings that seem to be one with the clouds. That is what the NYC skyline looks like.

Apart from Manhattan and New York City, Buffalo, Syracuse, and Albany are well-renowned for their world-class architecture that includes skyscrapers and many historical buildings.

Carefully designed and constructed by some of the most renowned and ancient architects in the world, the buildings in New York are special from the architectural as well as the historical standpoint. While modern skyscrapers are recent developments, some buildings can be dated all the way back to the year 1652.

So, if you are someone who wants to develop a career as an architect or simply appreciates the human ability to construct and create concrete wonders, you are meant to be in New York State.

Some of the most popular architectural structures in New York State include:

  • The Empire State Building, NYC
  • Grand Central Terminal, NYC
  • One World Trade Center, Lower Manhattan
  • Cathedral of Immaculate, Albany
  • The Electric Tower, Buffalo
  • Adam’s Arch, Niagara

Some of Best State Parks

Apart from being a spectacular concrete jungle, New York State is equally popular for its beautiful and massive state parks. Home to nearly 180 modern and historical state parks, New York State allows locals and keen visitors the excellent opportunity to enjoy a cozy picnic, go on a refreshing walk, or spend the night lying on the grass under the clear starry sky.

Moreover, apart from being built next to housing communities, many New York state parks are constructed on mountains or hills, and besides natural lakes and rivers. These state parks are incredible locations for camping, hiking, hunting, swimming, fishing, or photographing wild animals living in their natural habitats.

If you want to experience the natural calm and beauty of a New York state park, here’s a list of the top state parks you can visit:

  • Robert Treman State Park, Tompkins County
  • Letchworth State Park, Livingston County, and Wyoming County
  • Rockefeller State Park Reserve, Mount Pleasant, Westchester County

Top Schools and Colleges

Perhaps, one of the most popular reasons people around the world come to New York State is for its world-class education system. Whether one attends a private or public school, students almost always have the opportunity to make their way to an international university or an IVY league college and, eventually, end up with a fantastic career.

Even if one plans to complete college locally, there are a lot of excellent schools to choose from. These schools have some of the finest architecture, globally sourced faculties, unparalleled facilities, and a diverse collection of degrees that allow students of all backgrounds and interests an opportunity to choose the field of their choice.

Some of the most well-rated and globally renowned colleges in New York State are as follows:

  • Columbia University, NYC
  • New York University, NYC
  • The University of Rochester, Rochester
  • Syracuse University, Syracuse
  • Cornell University, Ithaca

Some of the Best Food in the World

As soon as one makes it to New York, it is almost impossible to look or smell past the many fine dining restaurants, picturesque cafes, and street food vendors. From a wholesome variety of various international cuisines to foods that represent authentic New York taste and culture, this American state will never fail to impress and excite your taste buds.

Whether inside a shopping mall, next to a state park, or at the beach, New York always has a variety of food places lining every possible site or tourist destination. Hence, for people who enjoy food and want to indulge in the tastes of the world, living or visiting New York should be on their top list.

Some of the most popular food spots in New York State are as follows:

  • Katz’s Delicatessen, known for its classic sandwiches
  • Spicy Village, known for its flavorful chicken
  • Russ and Daughters, a popular street food pushcart
  • Di Fara Pizza
  • Fuji Grill Niagara Falls, popular for fresh seafood
  • Shake Shack, a popular fast-food place

Excellent Recreational Activities

Living in New York State means you get to see wonders of the world during the day and enjoy the best possible nightlife once it gets dark. Home to some of the best recreational places offering incredibly fun activities and beautiful sites, a New York State sightseeing adventure must be on everyone’s bucket list.

From some of the world’s greatest indoor aquariums, skating rinks, museums, art galleries, science exhibits, amusement parks, and nature reserves to beautiful sandy beaches, natural lakes, and nearly two thousand waterfalls, New Yorkers almost always have something new to do and try out. 

If you have just moved to New York and are not sure of which recreational place to visit first, below is a helpful list for you:

  • New York Aquarium, Brooklyn, NYC
  • The Bronx Zoo, NYC
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC
  • The Long Island Aquarium, Long Island
  • Splish Splash Water Park, Calverton
  • Niagara Waterfall, Buffalo County
  • Ancient underground Lockport Lake, Lockport

World-Class Shopping

If you are a shopper at heart, book a ticket or move to New York as soon as possible. Home to some of the most globally renowned local as well as international brands, New York State is the place where fashion undoubtedly comes above comfort.

Apart from fashion-forward clothing, makeup, or footwear, New Your is also an excellent place to look for unique decorative pieces, customized gifts, modern as well as contemporary furniture, kitchen and home accessories, electronic gadgets, cars, and even small private yachts or airplanes. 

One can shop at massive local shopping malls, beautiful fashion boutiques, small individual stores, and online. Some of the most popular places to shop in NYC are as follows:

  • Saks Fifth Avenue, NYC
  • The Met Cloisters, NYC
  • The Broadway Market, Buffalo
  • Chelsea Market, NYC
  • The Syracuse Mall, Syracuse
  • Colonie Center, Albany

Brilliant Career Opportunities

Finally, if you are focused on developing a career that is both your choice of field and has a great scope in the future, pack your bags and move to New York. With some of the world’s biggest corporations, companies, and ongoing projects that continue to create new job opportunities every other day, capable and skilled people can almost always work their way to their dream job.

Moreover, apart from being employed at an MNC or a local firm, the scope for starting out and growing your own business is also equally huge in this American state. Whether you are interested in developing your own fashion line or you want to start your nail art salon, if you have the right skills, mindset, and support needed for the task, know that nothing can hold you back from getting what you want once you are in the American promised land.

However, if you need some guidance regarding which careers are the most popular in New York at the moment, pay attention to the list below:

  • Management analyst
  • Sales engineer
  • Training and Development Managers. …
  • IT and software specialists

Final Thoughts

If you want to access some of the best colleges, shopping malls, restaurants, and public state parks in the world, there is no better place to live than New York State. With buildings that touch the sky and foods that let you experience the tastes of the world, New York is where dreams come true.

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