Best Places to Roller Skate in New York State

Roller skating is a fun and affordable way to spend time with family and friends. Skating rinks can be found in all corners of New York State, from small towns to large cities. It’s no secret that New York is home to some of the country’s most incredible roller skating rinks.

Some of the best places to go roller skating in New York State are RollerJam USA (Staten Island), Guptill’s Roller Skating Arena (Latham), Rollarama Skating Center (Schenectady), and Hyde Park Roller Magic (Hyde Park). Both beginners and experienced skaters will love spending time in these rinks.

Keep reading to discover New York State’s most popular destinations for roller skating, so you can find the perfect spot for you.

1. RollerJam USA

Since 2007, RollerJam USA has been an incredible spot for roller skating enthusiasts in Staten Island. The place was designed with a nightclub concept in mind, complete with patterned floors and a high-tech sound system with disco lights. The combination of these elements creates a unique roller disco experience that will be sure to entertain skaters of all ages.

Folks who grew up in the 1970s won’t forget how popular roller disco was. Back then, people of all ages would strap on skates and head to their local disco or skating rink to enjoy a night of skating to their favorite tunes.

While the craze eventually died down in the 1980s, there has been a recent resurgence in interest in roller disco skating. Thanks to RollerJam USA, many kids and adults are now rediscovering the joys of skating around to their favorite tunes.

2. United Skates of America

Located in Seaford, NY, United Skates of America Roller Skating Center is a fun, friendly, and safe place for kids to learn skating and have a great time. The skating center offers a wide variety of activities for kids, including:

  • Open skate sessions
  • Adjustable skates
  • Skate school
  • Arcade games
  • Shopping

There’s also a full-service snack bar and cafe for everyone to enjoy.

United Skates of America is indeed a wonderful place for little kids to start roller skating. They can get a skating buddy to make sure they’re safe, and wrist guards are provided to help beginners who are constantly falling. Overall, the staff is friendly and helpful, and the rink is large enough to skate around comfortably. Additionally, young ones will have plenty of other beginners to skate with.

Once kids have had enough skating for the day, they can play games at the arcade or refuel at the skate park’s cafe, where they’ll find all their favorite comfort food, from cotton candy to pizza. With so many activities to keep them busy, they won’t be bored for a while.

3. Guptill’s Roller Skating Arena

Guptill’s Arena in Latham, NY, is recognized for being the world’s largest indoor roller skating rink. The rink has a heavy vintage American vibe, with its large wooden floors and high ceilings.

The rink is also known for its good food, including hot dogs and ice cream. Guptill’s is popular among middle schoolers, but you can also find skaters of all ages enjoying what the arena has to offer.

Families love visiting this skating arena for its family-friendly amenities and entertainment system. Kids will find multiple areas to skate, practice with friends, or hang out. There’s also plenty of seating for parents and non-skating chaperones. The sound system plays music for everyone to enjoy, from classic rock music to modern hip-hop and pop music.

So if you’re looking for a classic, old-school skating experience, Guptill’s Roller Skating Arena is perfect for you.

There’s something about the charm of an old-school rink that you won’t find anywhere else. The music selection is unbeatable, and you’ll hear all your favorite tunes while you skate around the rink. The atmosphere is unique and nostalgic, and the hotdogs and ice cream at the cafe are a bonus!

4. Rollarama Skating Center, Inc.

Rollarama Skating Center is a popular roller skating rink in Schenectady, NY. Family-owned for three generations, Rollarama offers a chance for parents and children to get together and have fun in a safe, lively, and supportive environment. The rink is designed for skaters of all skill levels and offers skating classes for beginners and kids of all levels.

In addition to skating, kids also love to celebrate birthday parties at Rollarama. The skating rink is an affordable venue that’s very easy to book, and pizza and ice cream cups are provided to celebrants. It’s no secret that birthday parties at skating rinks are always a hit with kids because they love skating around and playing games with their friends, which is a great way to celebrate another year of life and have lots of fun at the same time.

Every Tuesday night, the rink is reserved for adult skating. It’s a time for adults to socialize and enjoy themselves without the distraction of children. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun, and people of all ages, races, and backgrounds are welcome to join in on the fun. Not to mention, the music will take you back to the late ’80s and 2010s.

5. Hyde Park Roller Magic

Hyde Park Roller Magic is a gem for roller skating enthusiasts in Hyde Park, NY. It’s a palace for kids and adults to hang out with friends, listen to music, and skate around for hours. Hyde Park Roller Magic has embraced and kept an authentic atmosphere that evokes nostalgia.

For many New Yorkers who go roller skating, stepping into a roller skating rink makes them remember the ’80s and ’90s. They think back to spending hours skating around with friends. The music, lights, and decor transport adult skaters back to the ’80s and ’90s.

For young kids today, roller skating rinks have become a popular destination for birthday parties and group outings. They offer a unique experience that you can’t find anywhere else, and they provide a fun and safe environment for kids to skate and play games.

With pizza, snacks, and party rooms, Hyde Park Roller Magic is the perfect place to celebrate a birthday party. The staff at the rink is usually very friendly and helpful, and they can help you plan your event and ensure everything runs smoothly.

So if you’re looking for a unique and fun place to take your kids (or reminisce about the ’80s and ’90s), then you should visit Hyde Park Roller Magic for an awesome time.

6. Skate Luvers Roller Palace

Skate Luvers Roller Palace is an affordable, family-friendly place to roller skate in Rochester, NY. The music, lights, and snacks keep the community’s skaters coming back. It’s a great place for birthday parties, group events, and date nights.

Skate Luvers allows everyone to hear some great tunes while getting a workout. The rink’s sound system pumps out the latest hits as well as classic favorites, and with lights adding to the fun, the atmosphere at Skate Luvers Palace is perfect for an evening or day out with friends and family.

As you walk into Skate Luvers Roller Place, you’ll feel a sense of togetherness. The staff is incredibly friendly and welcoming, and they always make sure that everyone is having a great time. The rink is well-maintained, with plenty of room for everyone to skate around and have fun. There’s a snack bar area where you can get refreshments, and the restrooms are always clean, which is a great bonus.

The owners of Skate Luvers Roller Palace work hard to make sure that everyone feels welcome and has a good time. They offer skate lessons for kids and adults and host specialty skate sessions that include skate rentals. Kids and adults can take advantage of discounts by getting membership cards.

7. Interskate 88

Interskate 88 is a family-owned and operated business in Oneonta, NY. For decades, the place has been offering fun, family-friendly activities, from roller skating to laser tag. It’s a great place for kids to burn off some energy and for parents to socialize with other adults. The staff is always friendly and welcoming.

One thing that makes Interskate 88 worth visiting is its spacious skating floor, which gives skaters plenty of room to move around. And because the floor is made with hardwood maple, it has a smooth, sleek finish that skaters enjoy skating on. The beautiful hardwood floors are perfect for gliding around.

And with LED lights that change colors to create a fun and festive atmosphere, both kids and adults will enjoy a night of skating. The rink’s state-of-the-art sound system plays the latest hits that everyone will enjoy.

Interskate 88 isn’t just a place to skate — people of all ages visit Interskate 88 to play laser tag, try their luck at the arcades, and enjoy the indoor playground. It’s no wonder why the place hosts so many private parties and birthdays.

8. Skate-A-While Longer

Skate-A-While Longer is the only roller skating rink in Central New York. Located in Rome, NY, it has everything you love about community roller skating rinks:

  • Impressive lighting
  • Sound systems
  • Arcade
  • Kitchen

Aside from bringing the community together, Skate-A-While Longer also offers an incredible venue for private parties and birthdays. When it comes to celebrations, more and more kids are choosing to have a skating rink to themselves with their friends. And it’s no wonder why! Skating rinks offer a unique and fun environment for birthday celebrations. Plus, kids love showing off their skating skills in front of their friends.

For kids, one of the best things about having a skating rink to themselves is that they can choose the music they want to skate to. Whether it’s the latest pop hits or classic rock tunes, skating to your favorite music is sure to be a blast. And when kids are feeling daring, they can even try out some tricks in front of their friends.

Skating rinks today (such as Skate-A-While Longer) have become a popular choice for birthday parties because they offer a convenient online reservation system and affordable packages. Parents appreciate being able to easily reserve a party time that fits their schedule. Skating rinks typically include food, goody bags, and invitations in their party packages, making it simpler for parents to plan an enjoyable event.

9. Skate Estate

Skate Estate features many attractions for kids and families in Vestal, NY. From roller skating to waterslides, all the attractions provide a fun, safe environment for everyone to create lasting memories.

The waterslides at Skate Estate are the perfect summer activity because they’re both exhilarating and refreshing. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of speeding down a slippery slope, then plunging into a pool of cool water. Plus, it’s a great way to beat the heat. When temperatures soar, there’s no better way to feel refreshed than by sliding down a giant waterslide.

And though arcade games have been around for decades, kids still love playing with them at Skate Estate. Arcade games aren’t just a way to pass the time, but they’re also exciting and challenging. They often have high scores to beat, which gives kids something to strive for.

And with free kids’ skate programs, Skate Estate encourages more kids to stay active and engage in fun activities. Skating is a great workout for the mind and body, improving coordination and balance while providing a cardio workout.

Aside from being a source of fun, free skate programs for kids can also help them build confidence. For many children, learning to skate can be daunting. But with practice and perseverance, they can overcome this challenge and feel accomplished. Free skate programs allow all kids to learn this skill in a supportive environment.

10. Rainbow Skateland

Rainbow Skateland is a great destination for a family outing in Lockport, NY. The roller skating rink features large, open spaces perfect for letting kids run around. The staff is very friendly and helpful, making it a great place for parents to relax and watch their children have fun.

Though it may seem like a relic of the 80s, Rainbow Skateland is highly popular among the kids in Lockport. For them, going to the rink is about more than just skating; it’s an opportunity to socialize and have fun with friends. And what’s more fun than playing classic arcade games like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong after showing off your skating tricks?

Additionally, Rainbow Skateland has become a favorite venue for kids’ birthdays and other celebrations. Parents choose this skating rink because it’s affordable and has many inclusions, from skate rentals to pizza and goody bags.

And while Rainbow Skateland has become a favorite destination for birthday parties and other celebrations, it continues to be a welcoming place for people of all ages and skating abilities to enjoy themselves. No matter your age or skating ability, getting out on Rainbow Skateland and moving around is a great way to stay active. And whether you’re young or old, skating offers an opportunity to meet new people and make friends.

11. Horizon Fun FX

If you ask any child why they love roller skating, you’re likely to get various answers. Some will say they love the feeling of freedom on the open rink, while others will enjoy the opportunity to show off their skills. But all kids can agree that having more activities in a spacious skating rink is always better, and that’s what they get at Horizon Fun FX in Rochester, NY.

More space means more room to explore and try new things. It also means less chance of running into other skaters, which can be a big plus for kids still learning to skate. And when it comes to activities, most kids want more options. They love being able to choose between playing games, practicing their skating skills, or just goofing off with friends.

Roller skating at Horizon Fun FX offers families a chance to exercise, have fun, and spend time together. Roller skating is perfect for all ages and abilities — whether the kids are just starting or have been skating for years, there’s always something new to learn at Horizon Fun FX. And best of all, it’s a lot of fun!

Horizon Fun FX’s play center is another way for kids to use their imaginations while they play. With climbing areas, slides, and twists, this jungle gym helps children develop gross motor skills, which are important for children to develop because they help with coordination and balance.

Laser tag at Horizon Fun FX is a fast-paced game requiring quick thinking and reflexes. This activity is especially appealing to older kids looking for a challenge, and it’s a great way to blow off steam and let kids release all their energy in a safe and fun environment.

Additionally, the free Wi-Fi allows parents to stay connected to work or home while their kids have fun at Horizon Fun FX. Plus, the café offers a variety of delicious snacks and drinks to keep everyone happy. Without a doubt, Horizon Fun FX is a place for parents to relax and socialize while their kids are entertained.

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