A Day Spent Golfing at the National Golf Links of America

Golfing might not be a national sport, yet one can’t deny its popularity amongst businesspeople. Time spent working a nine to five or nurturing a business gives way to a few hours away from the world. These hours are spent on the golf course, perfecting techniques.

However, it might be hard to journey across New York to find the perfect golf course. This is where the National Golf Links of America (NGLA) step in. Their popular golf course is an absolute delight for anyone looking to try the sport for the first time or continue playing.

A trip to National Golf Links of America will get you well acquainted with the sport within one of the best courses throughout America. The course might not be as popular as other well-known courses. Yet, only a seasoned player can tell apart good and bad golf courses. Here’s a guide to the course;

The Setup

Before diving into golfing at National Golf Links of America, it is crucial to understand its location. NGLA is located north of Long Island, NY, overlooking Peconic Bay. It’s pretty easy to spot the golf course from a hike through the Shinnecock Hills.

NGLA is a vision that has come to life through this massive golf course. It was created by the famous golfer Charles B. Mac Donald, who wanted to introduce some sophisticated UK golf holes to America.

Macdonald’s vision gave us the course we see today. An amateur golfer might find it hard to identify the holes that have inspired the course. However, if you have traveled far for the best golf courses in the world, you might identify a couple of familiar ones. 

Golfing at National Golf Links of America

It isn’t uncommon to describe a trip to National Golf Links of America and leave out some of the important holes within the course. Therefore, we will take you on a short journey only through the must-visit holes and areas within the course.

1.      The First Hole – A Great Beginning

The first hole at the NGLA is every golfer’s dream. It has a moderate difficulty level with an added hump that the golfer needs to work hard to overcome. Additional slopes situated around the hole make it hard to conquer.

2.      The Second Hole – A Popular One

The second hole is perhaps the most popular as it has been directly inspired by one of the popular holes at Royal St. George in the UK.

3.      The Tougher Holes

The NGLA is not all sports. It also consists of a club where you can rest and recharge with food and drinks before marching towards the 10th, 11th, and 12th holes. These are tougher, more challenging holes, and it will take a lot of energy for you to master them.

4.      The Quirky Windmill Beside the 16th Green

This windmill is a popular addition to the golf course and plays an integral part in its history. It is one of the earliest additions to the course and holds unique items used to build the very first structures. This windmill is also used as a compass that guides you home.

This 16th hole allows for a beautiful view of the entire course as well as a challenging shot for both amateurs and professionals.

5.      The 18th Hole

This one is closer to the water, meaning you can rush to it if you want to play adjacent to a water body. The breeze and land conditions are ideal for a great game of golf.

Understanding the golf course types you like and gravitating to the ones you prefer is essential. The NGLA isn’t for everyone as it comes with its idiosyncrasies. If you prefer the classics, perhaps you will benefit from another course.

Needless to say, the course is at the top of the charts and a great visit.

Other Activities at National Golf Links of America

Golfing isn’t all that NGLA offers. As mentioned above, the clubhouse is an absolute delight if you feel particularly tired or hungry after a day of golfing. This club offers both a history lesson and entertainment through its golf pictures and artifacts.

The club also offers its members the opportunity to play different board games, cards, or other games that one can easily play at the table. You can enjoy your lunch by ordering a main course or snack on soup or a starter if you are in a hurry.

The NGLA also offers its members many beverage options so you can cool off after your golfing session and prepare for that drive back home.

How to Book the Course

Booking a golf course is easy. However, every golf course has its unique limitations. The NGLA doesn’t usually let just anyone access their golf courses. You can either be introduced to the club through a member. However, once introduced, you can access the club during a time set aside for non-members. Check the schedule in advance and note the weather conditions before booking!

Final Thoughts

Golfing is a great way to cool off after a week spent working. It might not be the typical getaway location for a family. However, if you have a membership and like the sport, the course is a great way to work on your golfing skills and learn more about the history of golf in America.

Drive up to the National Golf Links of America this weekend and explore the many holes and sights the golf course offers. It is easy to access, and the variety of activities will not disappoint. Just make sure to plan and bring along some friends so you have someone you can challenge!

The McClain Family

We hope we helped. Please let us know of any place that you want to know about in NYS or if we did a poor job with any part of this. Our goal is to help as many people as possible.

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