Why Fishers Island Club is So Awesome!

Fishers Island Club is located at the mouth of Long Island Sound, right between Connecticut and New York. This clubhouse has the perfect ocean background, which works well with its history. Going back to the 1920s, Fishers Island Club is a 35,000 square foot clubhouse that brings together every opportunity to enjoy the water views and play on the golf course as it provides lots of outdoor terraces covered to keep visitors comfortable.

This stylish clubhouse has managed to capture the beauty and history with lots of specially curated spaces that feel like home. We have to admit; this club is a golf-lovers dream. There are lots of dining spaces that allow the club to host big functions without neglecting its other members. Even if an event is hosted at the club, golf operations will remain smooth without interference.

The Architect behind Fishers Island Club’s Spectacular Design

Fishers Island Club is nothing short of a masterpiece and was designed by Seth Raynor. During the start of his career, Raynor was C.B. Macdonald’s right-hand man. However, over the years, Macdonald lost interest in designing golf courses, and Raynor had to step up to take responsibility. Owning to his education at Yale, Raynor had a deep understanding of the sport. He worked hard to make Fishers Island Club, which eventually became his greatest achievement.

During his short career, Raynor managed to turn the undesirable land into some of the most beautiful golf courses in New York. His wide knowledge could be seen reflected in the strategic and fun course that he built. This area had lots of natural land with great waterfront property. Raynor transformed it into the best golf course in the world.

By a cruel twist of fate, Raynor died before Fishers Island Club was completed. He ended up getting pneumonia as he worked tirelessly at Fishers Island. Due to his early death, his associate, Charles Banks, took over the remaining construction of the course.

Getting to Fishers Island Club

When it comes to golf courses, entrance plays a significant role. After all, the drive up to the club is full of excitement and anticipation. Fishers Island Club has a unique experience when referring to its entrance. You have to hop on a ferry to get across the Long Island Sound and then to the island. You can come through the Nauck Harbor and then make your way in the area using the Popeye shuttle, after which you will arrive at the dock where the 17th hole is located.

You can explore the area and take a quick walk down the wood planks, after which you can jump unto the carts that will take you to the clubhouse. Fishers Island Club is different from other exclusive clubs in the area – it not stuffy and has a chilled-out vibe that will make you feel comfortable instantly.

Fishers Island Club- The Course

This is a 6000-plus yard course that is full of spectacular vistas and template holes. Those visitors who know of Raynor and are fond of his work will instantly recognize the green complexes and routing that can be seen clearly at the venerable site.

Raynor’s routing takes full advantage of the holes in the water so that every turn is dramatic, and the natural land movement is nothing short of magical. One common thing that many people tend to miss out on is how every single hole here plays in different directions so that the wind, the best defense anyone can ask for, becomes of critical importance. Golfers have to be strategic enough to understand the correct direction and play with the strength of the wind if they want to have a successful shot.

Hole number 1 is where most golfers start. This is friendly enough, so visitors do not get overwhelmed as the wind plays in your favor. Be prepared to see some discoloration on the field. However, this ensures that the playing conditions are ideal as the ground is firm and fast. Give yourself some time to adapt to the first hole. It may seem tricky, but by the time you get to the second hole, you will be able to predict what is to come.

The Importance of Planning Your Trip According to the Weather

When you visit Fishers Island Club, you must check the weather beforehand. If the weather is not on your side, you will not have a good time here. We don’t mean that the rain is the only weather condition to pay attention to. When it comes to golf, visibility is critical as well.

You must ensure that the weather is clear and the skies are blue so that you get some great views of the holes. Without this aspect, you might be playing all over the place, and of course, missing all your glory shots.

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