Mount Morris Dam in New York State

Located in Mount Morris, New York, the Mount Morris Dam spans the Genesee River and provides water and power to residents of the area. It’s also used as a recreation area, as there are hiking trails that span the length of the dam and offer views of the river valley below.

Whether you live near this beautiful structure or are planning to visit it soon, here’s everything you need to know about Mount Morris Dam and its services.

Early History

The early history of Mount Morris Dam is a story of human ingenuity and engineering prowess. Built in the early 1900s, the dam was designed to control floods and provide hydroelectric power to the surrounding area. Today, it continues to provide these services while serving as a popular recreation spot.

Located in New York’s Finger Lakes region, Mount Morris Dam is a sight to behold. Its massive size is testimony to the skill of its builders. When it was completed, Mount Morris Dam was the tallest earthen dam in the world. Today, it remains one of the tallest dams of its kind.

The dam provides flood protection for the cities of Rochester and Buffalo. The dam also supplies water to the Erie Canal and generates hydroelectric power. It is named after Mount Morris, a town in Livingston County where the dam is located. The Mount Morris Dam had prevented major flooding in Rochester and Buffalo on several occasions, most notably in 1996, when it released 300,000 cubic feet (8,500 m3) of water per second to prevent floods caused by heavy rains.

The dam is an integral part of the New York State Thruway system and provides a scenic backdrop for visitors to the area.

Visitors to Mount Morris Dam can tour the power plant, hike or bike along the nearby trails, fish in the reservoir, or enjoy the stunning views. Whatever their reason for visiting, visitors are sure to be impressed by this engineering marvel.

Key Facts About The Mount Morris Dam

The dam, which was first created in 1922 and then rebuilt during the New Deal era, continues to serve as a vital source of power in the northeastern United States.

Here are five key facts about this historic artificial structure that will give you insight into its place in American history and its importance today.

  1. The dam is owned and operated by the U.S Army Corps Engineers.
  2. The dam impounds a reservoir with a capacity of 65.6 billion gallons of water.
  3. The dam is 313-meter-long and 6.1-meter high.
  4. The Mount Morris Dam was completed in 1952 and is the largest dam in the New York City water supply system.

Recreational Activities You Can Enjoy At Mount Morris Dam

If you’re looking for something fun and exciting at the lake, here are five things you can do near the lake.

1.      Boating

Enjoy motor boating, rowing, sailing, and canoeing on the waters of the mount morris dam. There are plenty of coves and inlets to explore, and the scenery is breathtaking. You can rent a pontoon boat for the day, go fishing, or take a scenic cruise down Westchester Creek. There are also kayaks and canoes available for rent if you prefer being on the water by yourself.

2.      Fishing

Fishing has been popular at Mount Morris since the reservoir was created. Originally, fishing was permitted only from the shoreline. However, fishing opportunities expanded with the completion of two new boat ramps on either side of the dam. In addition to black bass, white bass and catfish are also found in good numbers. The most productive time for catching these fish is right before dark until well after dark, when they’ll bite on almost anything you offer them.

The dam is stocked with fish, so bring your poles and enjoy a day of fishing. You might even catch dinner!

3.      Hiking

There are plenty of hiking trails to explore around the dam, so pack your hiking boots!

The trails vary in length and difficulty. For example, the short, easy trail is a two-mile loop that offers beautiful views of the river and dam, while the more difficult eight-mile trail is more challenging with steep climbs and narrow paths.

4.      Picnicking

 When you picnic at the Mount Morris dam, there are many options for a lovely lunch. If you want a quick meal and some shade, head over to the dam and eat your sandwiches while sitting on the steps or underneath one of the large trees that line the perimeter of the dam. If you want something a little fancier, head up to The Boriken Restaurant, located on 4 O’Connell Ave, Mt Morris. You can bring your food or order from their menu.

5.      Wildlife Watching

The dam has become a popular spot for wildlife watching as it offers a diverse mix of bird species and deer, which are plentiful.

The dam also has an abundance of waterfowl, from swans to ducks. This area is also known for its many migrating birds that fly through during their spring and fall migrations. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife while you’re at the dam – you might see some interesting birds or even a deer.

6.      Overnight Stays

Getting away from a big city’s hustle and bustle can be a refreshing experience. Many places around the world offer overnight stays, but if you happen to be in New York and have a spare day, Mount Morris Dam is one of the best places you could visit.

Bottom Line – Is It Worth Going There?

The answer is a resounding yes! Mount Morris Dam is one of the largest dams in the world and is an awe-inspiring sight. The views from the top of the dam are said to be breathtaking, and it’s definitely worth taking the time to explore this architectural wonder.

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