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At times, when the weight of worldly duties, responsibilities, and expectations feel too heavy on the shoulders, the best idea is to take a break, step back, drive out, and camp out in the beautiful wilderness New York has to offer.

Any time a person plans a camping trip with their family, lover, or friends, the whole process of packing up, leaving the city life behind, and sleeping under the stars while snacking on delicious smores is enough to completely rewind and re-energize the body and soul.

A crystal-clear lake, blue water, things to do, easy trail, stunning location, camp grounds, fishing, local wildlife, true wilderness, geological history is all here. Hence, if you are looking for such a therapeutic and exciting retreat, Bass Lake Resort is the ideal destination for you.

With nearly 300 well-maintained and safe camping sites to choose from, the Bass Lake Resort camping grounds offer you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to breathe in the crisp air, swim in the crystal blue place, eat freshly hand-caught fish, and experience the raw and beautifully preserved natural beauty Syracuse, New York has in store for you.

To learn more about the history of Bass Lake Resort camping grounds, its geological importance, key attractions, and the directions needed to get there, keep reading the remaining article below.

The History of Bass Lake Resort

If you ever ask a native New Yorker about their top highly-recommended camping destinations, you will almost always find Bass Lake Resort as part of that list.

A world-class camping destination, the Bass Lake Resort is a true reflection of the outdoorsy, adventurous, and active American lifestyle.

First opened in 1987, the Bass Lake Resort has been a popular tourist destination that attracts hundreds of campers from around New York and the rest of the USA, every year.

Although this camping site is quite popular, not many know that the Bass Lake did not exist almost a 100 years ago. Instead, this hilly area was fully covered by tall pine trees, and was inhabited by the Chukchansi Indians for nearly ten decades.

After the discovery of the Yosemite Valley in 1851, the plan to build a dam and use the water of the Willow Creek for energy generation was officially finalized by 1985.

In the following years, all the living fish in the dam were killed as a result of accidental contamination. Eventually, the operating lumber company of that time was ordered to reintroduce new fish into the reservoir to repopulate the waters.

Since the fish selected for the reintroduction was the Bass fish, the Crane Valley Reservoir’s name got changed to the Bass Lake, officially.

Today, the Bass Lake is owned and managed by the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, which not only helped generate electricity and irrigate the farmland, but also helped develop the famous Bass Lake Resort along with all its recreational facilities.

It is because of the historical significance of the Bass fish that the Bass Lake Resort has since been one of the most popular tourist destinations for enthusiastic fisherman and campers from across the country.

Bass Lake Resort Geology

Although the Bass Lake Resort and the Bass Lake are human-made attractions, their local quality of being deep rooted into the heart of Central New York’s wilderness allows the camping grounds to have great geological value.

Built on nearly 244 acres of land, the Bass Lake Resort has all the characteristic attributes of a natural camping site. The wide-open space of the resort allows neatly 280 campsites along with almost 30 private rental accommodations.

The overall resort is a combination of paved and grassy area, and it also holds a massive population of tall, native pine trees which helps enhance the resort’s aesthetic beauty, and helps keep the air breathable and fresh all year-round.

Moreover, the paved and well-developed part of the resort helps accommodate multiple RV buses, cars, camps, and other establishments; whereas, the grassy lands allow the visitors to enjoy different recreational activities such as sunbathing, playing outdoor games, or just hanging out.

Furthermore, the prime attraction of the entire Bass Lake Resort is the crystal-clear, blue lake that is full of healthy fish that continues to grow in numbers all year-round. Spread over an area of 25 acres, the Bass Lake has a maximum depth of almost 33 feet, making it perfect for boating and other water related activities.

Local Wildlife You Can Spot at the Bass Lake Resort Camping Grounds, New York

Any time a person heads out for a camping trip, experiencing a few wholesome encounters with the native wildlife is always part of the plan.

Hence, if you too are looking for beautiful camping grounds that carefully preserves the natural ecosystems and wildlife, the Bass Lake Resort is perfect for you.

Some of the animals you might possibly come across during your camping trip are as follows:

  • Largemouth Bass fish
  • Yellow Perch
  • Pumpkinseed Fish
  • Black Crappie
  • Mule deer
  • Bobcats
  • Coyotes
  • American Black Bear

What Should You Pack Before Leaving for New York’s Bass Lake Resort Camping Grounds?

One of the best qualities of the Bass Lake Resort is that its private ownership allows it to be fully equipped with all useful amenities and facilities one might need for a camping trip.

However, if you wish to take your camping trip to the next level, packing the items listed below can be quite helpful:

  • A mini portable projector
  • Solar-powered flashlights
  • A polaroid camera
  • Snorkeling gear
  • A good book
  • Your favorite snacks

Things to do When visiting the Bass Lake Resort in New York

Some of the activities that you can enjoy during your trip to the Bass Lake Resort are as follows:

  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Enjoying a bonfire

Final Thoughts – How Can You Get to New York’s Bass Lake Resort?

Anytime you wish to take your family out for a wholesome camping trip that is safe, adventurous, and relaxing, make sure to pack your bags and head straight out for Syracuse, New York, to spend a memorable weekend at the Bass Lake Resort.

To get to the New York City Bass Lake Resort, follow the directions provided on the Google map.

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