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Chautauqua lake is in the middle of Chautauqua county, New York. The westernmost county of the state. This lakeside campsite was the birthplace of the Chautauqua movement, the most American thing in America, according to former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt. You can camp near the lake in all seasons. Let’s find out all about it.


Though glacial retreats also formed it, the process differed from the nearby finger lakes. During the last ice age, a retreating glacier paused over Jamestown, Bemus Point, and Mayville about ten to twelve thousand years ago.

At Jamestown and Bemus point, a soil deposit created natural dam boundaries. At Mayville, the glacier pause caused several ridges to form, which guided fallen rain water t flow in two directions, north to lake Erie and south to lake Chautauqua. The three glacial pauses caused the lake to form naturally from two basins into which rainwater flowed.

The lake and its surrounding land were under the control of the Erie people. Their nation was decimated during the Beaver Wars, and the Seneca people took their place. The name “Chautauqua” came from an Iroquoian language the Erie people used to speak. The meaning of the word disappeared along with them. One meaning makes the most sense when you compare the word to others from similar Iroquoian languages. That is “Place Where Fish are Taken Out.”

Chautauqua county was part of Genesee county until 1808. Then it became an independent county. The place has a rich history deeply connected to camping and community. The first Chautauqua Assembly happened in a campground by the lake. People have been camping by this lake for a very long time. There are several camping grounds around the shoreline to choose from.

Chautauqua Institute

The Chautauqua Institute started as a place to train Sunday school teachers. Over time, they added more lectures and activities. Before you knew it, you could learn about the arts, languages, geography, and so much more, along with religion.

They sparked a national movement advocating for adult education. Their message was that pursuing knowledge lasts until you reach your grave. It does not end when you get out of school.

It offers courses and resort facilities with many fun activities. Many “Chautauquas” opened up around the country. However, the original remains unrivaled. Visiting the Chautauqua Institute is a must when camping at lake Chautauqua.


Here are some of the different campgrounds to choose from.

Camp Chautauqua

Camp Chautauqua was started in 1968 by the Anderson Family. The camp is located on West lake Road. Nearby attractions include the Chautauqua Institute and Loud Performance. It offers several different types of campsites with Wi-Fi, such as:

  1. RV Parking
  2. Concrete pads with 50 amps of power
  3. non hook up tent sites

During the Summer, you can enjoy all sorts of fun lakeside activities like boating or jet skiing. They allow you to bring your own boat as well. The fishing is excellent, just like the rest of the blessed Finger Lakes region. There is a petting zoo with all sorts of animals and a pool. You can reserve a spot, check out upcoming events or prices, and get directions from their website.

Chautauqua Gorge Campground

Chautauqua Gorge Campground is a 45-acre campground surrounded by 1000 acres of public land. There is plenty of nature to explore. They are ten miles away from the Chautauqua Institute and close to hiking trails like the Westside Overland Trail and Snowmobile Trail. Relax by the creek, waterfall, or lake sure during your stay. They provide over twenty different campsites, including RV parks, cabins, tent sites, and off-grid cabins. You can easily choose the one suited to your needs or budget.

The Heron Campground

Did you know you can enjoy an award-winning farm-to-table experience while camping? The Heron Campground has a shop selling fresh ingredients from their farm, including meat, mushrooms, and vegetables. The campsites are surrounded by 400 acres of beautiful land.

You can go hiking, biking, or chill at the beach open to campers. They have close to a hundred different campsites for your RVs or Tents. The campsite is primarily for music festivals.

Chautauqua County Jellystone Park

Yogi Bear’s Chautauqua County Jellystone Park is located in James town. Family-owned and operated for fifty years, it offers over two hundred campsites. All their campsites have electricity, water, and cable TV. This is the only camping ground in Jamestown, close to Chautauqua lake and the Lake Erie Wine Trail. Enjoy a dip in their pool, a hike, or a hayride.

Wildwood Acres Campground

Do you want a luxury camping experience? If you don’t want to rough it but still enjoy nature, wildwood Acres is the place for you. They offer free Wi-Fi as a complementary service for their guests. You can choose to stay in a cabin, or tent, or park your RV. Ever thought you could have a warm shower or dip in a heated pool in the great outdoors? Well, you can. The campground is located in the Bemus area. Enjoy a hike or catch-and-release fishing in their stocked waters.

Pope Haven Campsite

Are they looking for a campsite in the heart of the Amish trail? Pope Haven is the one for you. They offer an array of different camping options. They have playgrounds and a heated saltwater swimming pool.

Park your RV or enjoy hooked up or off-the-rid camping at your discretion. You could also rent a cabin. A camping experience you wouldn’t want to miss. Check them out if you’re exploring the Amish Trail.


There is a campsite out in Chautauqua to suit every person or family. You can choose from so many options there’s no room for excuses. Make reservations and enjoy the lake or nearby creeks and rolling hills in the westernmost county of New York.

The region is beautiful all year round. You can hike, bike, fish, or chill, surrounded by the magnificence of nature. While there are other “Chautauquas” around the country, you must visit the original Chautauqua institute once during your life. When you do, you can go camping too!

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