Everything You Need to Know About Villa Roma Resort

Now that the season is changing and days are finally starting to get chillier, it is time you start planning what you will be doing for this year’s winter vacation.

If you have never visited New York City during the winter season, you need to. From some of the most amazing street vendors selling delicious hot chocolate and warm nuts to snow-covered streets that look straight out of a dream, New York is the one place that truly knows how to celebrate family, love, and the coming of the winter snow.

Apart from being one of the most beautiful American states during the winters, New York is also equally popular for its gorgeous resorts that keep the American skiing and snowboarding culture alive and thriving.

Hence, if you, too, are planning for a snowy weekend getaway with your friends, family, and loved ones, it is high time you book yourself a stay at the incredible Villa Roma Resort.

Known for its excellent ski and snowboarding activities, Sullivan County’s Villa Roma Resort is a true reflection of the warm and inviting Italian culture that helps create the most wholesome memories you and your family will cherish for a very long time. 

To learn more about how you can get to the stunning Villa Roma Resort, how rich its historical and geological value, and what kind of family activities you can participate in during your stay, keep reading.

Where is it Located, and How Can You Get there?

For a local resort to offer skiing and snowboarding activities, it is ideal that the resort either sits on a mountain or is at least neighbored by a slanted hill or mountain covered in thick snow.

Hence, if you are looking for such a vacation destination, the Villa Roma Resort is perfect for you.

Located on Villa Roma Road, in the beautiful town of Callicoon, on the Catskill Mountain, Western Sullivan County, New York; the Villa Roma Resort’s prime location and undeniable scenic beauty are what truly make it one of the most visited and best-reviewed resorts in the region.

Interested individuals are advised to book a stay at the Villa Roma Resort prior to their visit so they do not have to wait around for the availability of the room.

To do this, people can either call the resort or can finalize their booking online by visiting the resort’s official webpage.

Moreover, visitors have the choice to select a package that fits their individual needs and can also prebook all the activities and adventures they would like to be a part of during their stay.

Finally, to get to the resort, all that a visitor needs to do is either call the resort for any required directional guidance or follow the well-guided directions available on the resort’s website.

The History of Villa Roma Resort 

The scenic Villa Roma Resort, nestled between the Catskill wilderness for more than 60 years, is one of the most historical and profitable tourist destinations in Sullivan County.

Almost 60 years ago, the owner of the Villa Roma was a person named Ernesto Vindigni, who managed the resort that was only big enough to have 10 cottages, 46 hotel rooms, two bocce courts, and a single pool.

Later in 1969, Mr. Martin Passante took notice of the ‘for sale’ sign outside the Villa Roma and finally purchased the resort with his two friends and partners, Danny Vaccaro and Albert Aprea. Once the purchase was finalized in December of 1969, all three friends and owners of the Villa Roma moved into the town of Callicoon to live at the resort and manage its affairs.

Eventually, with time, the partnership between the three friends ended, and Marty was left behind to be the sole owner of the Villa Roma. This was perhaps the best thing to have happened to the resort, as it truly evolved after that.

By 1977, a Futura Wing, a Lobby, and additional hotel rooms were constructed to open the Villa Roma Resort to nearly 800 guests. By 1982, the resort was further expanded to include racquetball courts and an indoor sports complex.

Finally, by 1983, the Villa Roma Resort’s golf course and ski area were also completed, which gave the resort a completely refreshed appeal and identity.

Perhaps, one of the smartest marketing strategies designed by Marty was when he offered his guests the opportunity to temporarily purchase a living unit for a lease term of 99 years.

Not only did this brilliant strategy help bring in a massive influx of funds, but it truly gave Villa Roma Resort the chance to deepen its roots and make a well-known name for itself.

Today, the historical Villa Roma Resort provides jobs to 400 full-time employees, has 139 gorgeous and homely hotel rooms, and has an average visitation of 200,000 guests annually.


Due to its prime location, Villa Roma Resort shares the same beautiful geology as Catskill Mountain. Surrounded by several tall, lush-green maple trees that turn an incredible orange during autumn, the overall terrain of the Villa Roma Resort is flat in some areas and slightly steep in others.

Wildlife You Might Spot

Although dogs and other larger pets are not allowed at the resort, guests might still come across some of the animal species that are native to Catskill Mountain.

Hence, if you visit the Roma Villa Resort, keep an eye out for the following animals:

  • Turkey
  • Alpaca
  • Eagles
  • Deer
  • Bears

Top Activities and Things To Do

Some of the activities you can participate in during your stay at the Villa Roma Resort include the following:

  • Play golf at the 19 PGA Championship golf course
  • Play tennis, racquetball, volleyball, basketball, or shuffleboard at the sports complex
  • Swim at the outdoor and indoor heated pools,
  • Enjoy a family fishing activity at the fishing pond
  • Enjoy indoor activities such as bowling, go-karting, bumper boating, and other arcade games
  • Work out at the in-house fitness center
  • Enjoy some of the most delicious and homely Italian cuisines and drinks at the dine-in restaurants

What Should You Pack Before Leaving

  • Camera
  • Lots of warm clothes
  • Skiing and snowboarding gear
  • A good book
  • Your favorite snacks

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the perfect way to celebrate family, love, and the beginning of the New York City Ski season, head to no place other than the beautiful and historic Villa Roma Resort.

Built on the scenic Catskill Mountains, the Villa Roma Resort is an excellent tourist destination. It offers its guests all the luxuries, facilities, and amenities they would need for a wholesome and memorable family trip.

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