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The Oswego speedway is a 5/8 mile racing track in Oswego, New York. This speedway was built in 1951 and was coated with asphalt in 1962. This race track is located by the tranquil shores of Lake Ontario in scenic Oswego, New York. This speedway is an extremely popular weekly racing venue that is visited by car racing enthusiasts from all across the country.

Ever since its initiation, it has also hosted several national tours. The Oswego Speedway was also temporarily covered in dirt in 2016 while hosting the Super Dirt week of the Syracuse 200 Super DIRTcar Series. This speedway is also known for several other car racing events.

History of the Oswego Speedway

The Oswego Speedway was initiated as a horse racing track known as the Wine Creek Horse Track. In 1951 it was converted to a 3/8 mile dirt car race track that was paved with asphalt in 1962. The Caruso family owned and operated this race track for forty years. However, today the Oswego Speedway, or the ‘Big O’, Is owned and run by Jon and Eric Toresse.

In 2016, the Oswego Speedway hosted the forty-fifth edition of the Super DIRT Week of the Super DIRTcar Series. The speedway was covered in almost six-thousand-nine-hundred feet of clay for the drivers to compete in their modified dirt cars. The state of New York also spent almost 1.1 million dollars to renovate the speedway that year.

New bleachers and a new scoreboard were installed, and the campground received electricity and plumbing upgrades. The Oswego Speedway also signed an online streaming agreement for FloRacing to broadcast weekly races. Since the speedway opened in 1951, it has run a weekly race track.

About Oswego Speedway

When the speedway came into the ownership of the Toresse family, brothers John and Eric Torrese family made significant changes within a year. These changes included a ticket booth, a new main entrance, a twenty-position scoring tower, and renovated VIP booths. Sections of the grandstand were also renovated, and an Oswego Speedway Tiki Bar was also constructed. A new novelty stand was also added to the speedway.

The Oswego Speedway is much talked about as famed past, and present competitors raced there. Some well-known Indy 500 champions include Gordon Johncock and Mario Andretti.

One of the most well-known events on the Oswego Speedway is the Budweiser International Classic Weekend. This event is held every year on Labor Day weekend. This is one of the most famous short track, open wheel events in the entire country. This championship began in 1957, and every year some of the best asphalt, open-wheel racing candidates compete for a large sum of prize money and the title ‘Classic Champion.’

Flagging Rules

There are several flagging rules all race car drivers have to be wary and aware of. If drivers don’t comply with these flagging rules on the Oswego Speedway, they can be subject to one or several penalties that the competition committee will decide.

All cars shall receive the white flag before starting and restarting all races and one lap before finishing the races.

The green flag is waved as all lead cars reach the starting line of the fourth turn of all races. If the race is restarting, the green flag will be shown as the leading car reaches the restart stripe on the third turn.

The red flag will be shown if there is a major accident on the race track. Upon seeing the red flag, all cars must stop safely and immediately at any point on the track. They need to remain well away from the accident.

The yellow flag is displayed if there is a minor accident on the speedway or a spin. Upon seeing the yellow flag, all cars must immediately switch to slow speed and form a single file. Every yellow flag lap is counted for fuel consumption.

The black flag shall indicate the car to exit the race track and come to the pits for consultation.

The passing flag is shown to slower cars to indicate they have been overtaken. Also, when multiple cars are racing on the race track, you will be shown the passing flag indicating that other cars are coming.

The Appearance of Cars

All cars have to be painted neatly and lettered. The next race meet should repair all paintwork and body damage. Officials assign all numbers on cars. Three-digit numbers and letters are not assigned. Tracks can also re-assign numbers, so there is no complication.

How to Reach the Oswego Speedway

The Oswego Speedway is located at 300 East Albany Street, New York. This speedway is thirty-five miles northwest of Syracuse, close to the State Highway. The Oswego Speedway facility can accommodate 10,000 people with uncovered grandstands on the north and south sides. Open, field parking is also available in the facility on both sides of Albany Street, towards the north and east of the oval track. Even though called an oval track, the Oswego Speedway is not entirely oval but more like a ‘four corner’ car racing track.

Concluding Thoughts

The Oswego Speedway is a great place to visit if you love watching automobile racing. You can enjoy a great evening with friends or family while watching the sport. There are also surrounding campgrounds where you can camp during tournaments. The campgrounds are equipped with water, power, and sewage facilities. Campers are also required to pay camping fees that cover the usage of these facilities. Visiting the historic and scenic Oswego Speedway will surely be a memorable trip.

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