Have a Day at Hamlin Beach

The beautiful lakefront Hamlin Beach State Park is famous for its many recreational activities. From camping to nature walks, the 1287-acre Hamlin Beach State Park, located on Lake Ontario’s shore, attracts thousands of visitors each year to visit the park and its beach.

The Hamlin Beach State Park is located in the Town of Hamlin in the Monroe County of New York. Hamlin Beach State Park is famous among tourists for various reasons. It has a beach, a playground, several recreation programs, and a nature trail for hiking, biking, and other activities. Fishing, ice-skating, snowmobiling, and boat launches are also favorite activities among visitors.

The Hamlin Beach State Park is open year-round for these activities, and swimming is allowed from the middle of June. Furthermore, there are 264 tents available in a campground that provides camping activities.

Recreation Activities and Facilities

The clear water and stunning sandy beaches complement the attractive facilities and recreation opportunities that Hamlin Beach State Park offers.

1.     Yanty Creek Nature Trail

At its east end, the Yanty Creek Marsh environmental education center has a self-guided, mile-long nature trail. The wetland is a favorable environment for the inhabitation of several amphibians and marsh nesting birds.

2.     Observation Platforms

The observation platforms make the Hamlin Beach State Park even more stunning as it allows observation of wildlife, including songbirds, raptors, and migrating waterfowl.

3.     Hiking Trails

Additionally, there are exciting opportunities for hiking and biking activities due to trails stretching for 10 miles. Besides the Yanty Creek Nature Trail on its eastern end, there is a Shoreline Trail, which runs along the lake, passing by the beach from east to west.

The Shoreline Trail is a paved trail that makes it easy to bike around scenic wooded areas.

The Hamlin Beach State Park Experience

Plenty of shaded areas are perfect for spending a lovely day with your toes in the sand and a book in your hand. The vigilant lifeguards that are on duty are available in designated swimming areas. Coupled with a playground and environmental education center, Hamlin Beach is a great vacation spot where you can take your family and little kids, with the surety that every visitor will have the time of their life.

Regulations in Hamlin Beach State Park

1.     Bicycling Safety

Every person who opts for such activities must adorn safety helmets which the New York State Law requires.

2.     Pets

Pets are permitted on the beach and State Park but must be kept on a leash. Pet owners must prove that their pets are rabies vaccinated.

3.     Wildlife

Wildlife inhabiting the State Park must not be disturbed or harassed. People should avoid feeding them any food lest it harms their health, and if any animal is found ill or injured, the visitors must report it to the park personnel immediately.

4.     Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol regulations are strictly enforced and posted throughout Hamlin Beach State Park.


The best time to visit this beautiful park is from spring through fall. The accessibility facilities include:

1.     Handicap Accessibility

The paved walkways also lead to pavilions, restrooms, and parking spaces.

2.     Boating

A small craft boat launch is available near the Hamlin Beach State Park entrance. In addition, marine launch sites are also available east and west of the park.

3.     Swimming

Swimming is allowed on the condition that the lifeguards are on duty and in the designated beach area. Swimming opens full-time from mid-June.

4.     Camping

Only two sleeping tents, or one tent and one camping unit, are permitted per campsite. Two vehicles and not more than that are allowed to park per campsite.

5.     Occupancy

A maximum of 6 people, including infants and children, are allowed per site, including two tents, one tent, and one camping unit.

6.     Pets

There is a limit of only two pets per campsite, and they must be leashed at all times. Pets are only allowed in the A, B, and C loops.

Hamlin Beach and State Park Ecology

The rich environment of the beach and State Park is a favorable ground for many plants and animal species to exist in this area.

Plant Species

1.     Narrowleaf Cattail

A perennial herbaceous plant found in brackish locations, reaching heights of four to twelve feet. They have brown flower heads that are cylindrical atop slender green stocks.

2.     Typha x Glauca

Typha x Glauca, also known as hybrid cattail, is a wetland plant reaching 10 inches in height. It is an intermediate specie between broad-leaved and narrow-leaved cattails.

3.     Common Frogbit

Common Frogbit is an aquatic floating perennial plant with beautiful leathery, heart-shaped leaves with small white flowers.

4.     Poison Ivy

It is a vine or a low shrub plant bearing compound leaves. Every part of this plant, including leaves, stems, and roots, is poisonous, so you should avoid touching it.

5.     Eurasian Watermilfoil

It is a perennial plant that only flowers twice a year and can grow up to 20 feet in height.

Animal Species

1.     Silver-Haired Bat

It is a migratory species and solitary in nature. Silver-haired bats are commonly found in forested areas of the USA.

2.     White-Tailed Deer

It is a medium-sized deer, having a tannish or brown color, with white around its eyes, nose, and throat.

3.     Eastern Chipmunk

Eastern chipmunks are found in eastern North America and play an essential part in the ecosystem as they are prey for many foxes, coyotes, and owls.

Birds Species

1.     Ring-Billed Gull

These medium-sized gulls have short and slim bills, and their average lifespan is almost ten years.

2.     American Crow

American crows are considered the smartest animals in the world and are found in open woodlands, fields, and forests.

3.     European Herring Gull

It is a large gull that can be as long as 26 inches. They are usually found in Northern Hemisphere and have a pale gray back, pale eyes, and pink legs.

So, there you have it! That’s all you need to know about Hamlin beach. Happy tripping!

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