Kenneth L. Wilson Campground in Mt. Tremper

Kenneth L. Wilson Campground is located on the southwest side, five miles away from Woodstock in New York. If you are looking for mesmerizing views and magnificent mountains, this campground is the perfect destination for you. Everywhere you look, you will find beautiful mountains with stunning views. This campground lies in a wooded area with massive campsites fully equipped with a recycling center, payphones, hot shower, toilets, and a trailer dump station.

Vehicles that are 40 feet in length can be accommodated in this area because of how big it is. Even though no hookups are available, visitors can bring generators in during specific day hours. The campsites are located further inside, but the roads are wide enough for trailers to turn around.

It is a well-known destination for biking, hiking, fishing, and boating. Visitors cannot take any motor boats out on the lake but can use row boats, kayaks, and canoes to enjoy their time in the water. You can rent a kayak if you do not have your own boat. It is one the best campgrounds to visit for some downtime or time away from the city.

How to Get There

Kenneth L Wilson Campground is only a couple of kilometers away from Boice Ville, an area where you can stalk up on all supplies needed to go camping. When you arrive close to Little Beaverkill, you will find many big parking lots where you can leave your trailer without worrying about it getting damaged or stolen.

It is only a small distance from the paved roads, but we recommend wearing some good hiking shoes because you will have to pass through compacted dirt to access the camping area. Of course, you can also bring your RV or trailer, which can be 40 feet long, with you and drive up to the campground easily.

Back in the 1960s, some land was purchased from the farms, and soon, this campground came into existence. Even though it has been a good 60-plus years since it was built, the campground is maintained regularly, and the authorities ensure that they keep the parking spots in functional condition.

What to Do at Kenneth L Wilson Campground

Bird Watching

The native birds in this area are phenomenal. All you need are some binoculars and a comfortable spot in your RV to enjoy the beauty of nature. Since New York has so many habitats, it is not shocking to understand why the campground is full of diverse and exceptional bird species.

In fact, this campground is home to more than 450 species. Regardless of how old you are, bird watching is a great way to spend your time, and if you are with children, you can turn this activity into a fun game. You can even bring a bird book and study the native species that pass by you to learn their names and understand what they look like.

Here are some of the common birds found in this area:

  • Tree swallow
  • Wrens
  • House finch
  • Cedar waxwing
  • Woodpeckers with red bellies
  • Northern cardinal
  • Blue jays
  • Bluebirds
  • American kestrels
  • Bald eagle
  • Golden eagles
  • Coopers hawk

Remember, shooting is not allowed here, so it would be best for you to leave your guns back home. The Kenneth L Wilson Campground is a family-friendly vacation spot where everyone can have a good time and feel safe. Moreover, the exotic birds found here must be respected and, according to the campground’s rules, should not be disturbed or bothered unnecessarily.

We recommend taking a few pictures of the birds so you can show them off in front of your friends and let them know which birds you saw while there!


You can make your way to the abundance of nature from the campground or drive a short distance to reach the hiking trails if you want to save your energy.

For the most astonishing views, visit the Slide Mountain Wilderness, where 4,700 acres are available for you to hike on and explore. The area has 35 miles of trails that are made especially for hikers. The Slide Mountain Rail Network is one of the most popular wilderness trail systems everyone visits when they make their way to the campground. If you want to enjoy some peace and calm, we recommend making your way into the mountain forests during the week instead of the weekend.

It is the perfect campground to visit if you are looking for a quick family vacation. You can chat with family members during your hike and still complete it within forty minutes. This makes it the perfect campground for children and dogs as well.

The Phoenicia East Branch Trail is an 11-mile hike that leads you up to Slide Mountain- another beautiful place that will make the best hiking trip. However, you need to be moderately fit to cover this hike as it ascends more than 2,800 feet.


Visitors cannot use motorboats on the lakes here, but row boards, kayaks, and canoes are great alternatives. There is also lots of space available for parking your boat if you want to get a personal one for yourself and your family. If you do not have your boat, don’t worry- the campground has boats you can rent.

Boating is a wonderful way to spend some time under the summer sun with the gentle breeze. It also allows you to fish and enjoy the divine waterside. Tall, magnificent trees line the river and lake end, providing shade to those out at sea, whether they are paddling or fishing. There are also many big lakes and small streams to explore in the area if you continue paddling towards Cold Brook Road.

So there you have it! Now you know why the Kenneth l Wilson Campground is the perfect destination for your next family vacation!

The McClain Family

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