What to Do at Crosslake Campground

Crosslake Campground is a beautiful campground located in Cato, New York State, that offers a bunch of activities to keep families, children, and adults busy during the holiday season. If you are looking for a quiet getaway to help ground yourself, Crosslake Campground is perfect. There are a total of 150 sites, with 10 tent sites and ample RV space. It is located only 4 miles from Cross Lake Marina, making it a wonderful spot to visit in the summer.

There are activities for everyone here, regardless of age. You can hike, swim, picnic, or sunbathe here. Many visitors use canoes and powerboats provided by the facilities to get out onto the bordering lake and enjoy the beats of the water. Within the area, you will find a playground, picnic area, and parking lot.

What Crosslake Campground is Known For

Featuring gorgeous scenery, magnificent views, lots of amnesties, and attractions, you should definitely visit Crosslake Campground with your friends and family members. Enjoy a beautiful outdoor experience surrounded by nature.

The abundance of playground areas for children to spend the day in, as they run after each other for hours, makes the campground a perfect place to come to during the holidays. There is also a zoo called the Rosamond Gifford Zoo that remains a well-loved place amongst children. The animals here are well-kept, and the facilities are immaculate, so you have nothing to worry about.

Since there is ample space, you can bring your RVs and park them here as you enjoy all that the campground has to offer. Here are some things that visitors love doing at Crosslake Campground:


As mentioned before, Crosslake Campground has a collection of bordering lakes, making it perfect for someone who enjoys the water. After all, how can one resist the beautiful shores here? There is nothing that feels better than breaking away from the daily responsibilities and drifting away in the water with the sun warming you and giving you a good tan.

Moreover, there is a certain thrill that one gets from boating- there are many water sports that will make you forget that you are getting some exercise. When you are on the boat, you will start to connect with nature in ways you have never done before. We don’t know whether it is the air at Crosslake Campground, the beauty of Cross Lake Marina, or the people, but one visit there will make you feel mentally and emotionally uplifted.


Kayaking here is a wonderful way to explore the area around Crosslake Campground, along with the beautiful rivers surrounding the premises. You can kayak for long hours and explore every hidden shoreline, crevices, and wildlife on the campground. We have to tell you that watching the lake at sunset will give you some perspective on life as you forget all your worries and get lost in how calm and beautiful the water looks.

Kayaking is a great way to spend some time on the waves in the summer and winter seasons. In the summers, you will enjoy the heat on your back as the water cools you off. It is even better to take a quick dip when you get too tired of the heat. In the winter, you will find a different kind of peace when you are surrounded by water. It is so quiet that you can hear your own breathing.


The accessible campsites also provide a wonderful trail where you can hike or bike, depending on your mood. As you bike on this trail, you will find many restaurants where you can unwind and refuel as you enjoy your journey. One popular restaurant is located on Montgomery Street, so make sure to make a quick stop there when you visit Crosslake Campground.

There are many other forest trails that families can go mountain biking on as well. In case you don’t have your own bike, you can rent one from the campground and explore your surroundings!

Visit Crosslake Campground this Holiday Season

Crosslake Campground is a great place to be during all four seasons as visitors and residents come out to enjoy the beauty that the campground has to offer. Many wonderful shops, delicious restaurants, and golfing areas are available in the community.

If you want to learn more about the Crosslake Campground and what it looked like back in the day, check out the visitor center. This is a great incentive to showcase your children to the area’s rich history as well, especially if it is the first time you are visiting Crosslake Campground.

However, remember to make reservations for the campsite a couple of weeks before you plan on going there. Crosslake Campground is a popular tourist spot and is always full of visitors and residents looking to enjoy the amnesties and beauty the area has to offer. You can stay at Crosslake Inn and Marina or book a camp rental such as The Cross Lake Loft. Everything here is beautiful, and the people are friendly- what else can one need?

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