Lawrence Farms Orchards in Newburgh, NY

What’s better than picking blueberries and apples in a beautiful orchard than doing it among the company of horses, goats, and swans?

Family-owned and operated, Lawrence Farms Orchards is a fruit and vegetable farm in Hudson Valley, known for its scenic vineyards, farms, and orchards.

The family running the Lawrence Farms Orchards in Newburgh, NY, has been involved in this field of agriculture and farming since 1892. Three generations are actively working on this farm since their great-grandfather came from England and settled there.

The orchard allows families to pick their fruits on a fine day among the diversity of crops grown on Lawrence Farms Orchards. The orchard has been offering this fruit-picking facility for 30 years, and children and people of all ages love to meet their merry chickens and playful goats on the farm.

Visitors of Lawrence Farms Orchards love to lose themselves in its charm and friendly environment while enjoying the delicious refreshments that the orchard offers, like apple cider doughnuts and ice cream made from local dairy sources. Other food options available at the “concession stand” of Lawrence Farms Orchards are milkshakes, chicken tenders, hot dogs, fries, pies, cookies, etc.

Planning a Trip

Visitors must be acquainted with a set of requirements and information before visiting Lawrence Farms Orchards.

  • Lawrence Farms Orchards doesn’t allow any pets in its vicinity, so do not bring your dogs or other animals lest they harm the ones on the farm.
  • The admission fee is $7 per person from Monday to Thursday, and Friday and on weekends, the admission fee is $10 per person.
  • Children under 2 are free to enter.
  • Lawrence Farms Orchards offers the picking containers at its market, so visitors must stop there first.
  • The fruits and vegetables must be picked in the approved containers.
  • If the visitors are planning to visit the picnicking area or return to their vehicles, they must purchase their produce first.
  • Visitors are prohibited from bringing outside bags inside the picking area, and every pack will be inspected thoroughly after arrival and before departure.
  • Lawrence Farms Orchards is a smoking-free zone.
  • Grills or fires are forbidden in the orchard.

Lawrence Farms Orchards Fruits Picking

The pick-your-own facility by Lawrence Farms Orchards makes it a highly favored spot for families to visit and enlighten themselves and their children regarding the different varieties of crops, fruits, and vegetables grown in the orchard.

The picking schedules are affected by weather conditions, but the time of admission is usually from 9 am to 4 pm every day.


1.     Strawberries

June is a key month to harvest strawberries, and picking strawberries is a fantastic activity for children and families. Lawrence Farms Orchards offers a variety of strawberries, depending on the farm’s location and weather conditions.

2.     Peas

Peas are ready to harvest in the middle of June, and their harvesting time usually lasts two weeks. Proper harvesting time is essential to consider as it affects the quality of the edible peas, and when the pods have swollen or appear round, it indicates that peas are ready to be picked.

3.     Lettuce

Visitors of Lawrence Farms Orchards love to harvest fresh lettuce by snipping the large outer leaves from its base, leaving the central leaves in place so the plant can continue growing. Lettuce is harvested in spring before the weather grows too hot.

Late June and Early July

1.     Sweet Cherries

Ripe cherries are expected to harvest from June through late July, when the cherry blossoms have given rise to fruit buds. Black, red and white cherries are available for harvesting at Lawrence Farms Orchards.

2.     Sour Cherries

The prime season to harvest sour cherries is from June to July, and the cherries turn a red-orange when they are ripe. Other varieties of sour cherries turn a darker shade of red or purple. When the cherries are plump and the stem pulls away easily, it indicates that cherries are ripe and ready for harvesting.

3.     Greens

Spinach, cabbages, zucchini, and other greens are harvested in July, especially when these vegetables are firm in the morning or evening. To reap the leafy green vegetables, the outer leaves are taken while inner leaves are left on the plant to grow and further develop.

Mid to Late July

1.     Apricots

Families at Lawrence Farms Orchards enjoy picking ripe apricots individually by hand and then separating the fruit from its stem. July is a great month to harvest apricots when they have developed their deep orange color and begin softening.

2.     Currants

Ripe currants show the characteristic color of their specific variety, and in Lawrence Farms Orchard’s case, it is red and white. When the currants are juicy and soft, they are ripe and can be harvested in clusters from the branches.

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