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Are you looking to shop in New York City? Well, look no further because the shopping mecca is right on herald square. The world’s biggest department store, Macy’s, has it all whether you are looking to shop, eat, or want to have fun in a public place. Not only is the place stretching long across the whole block, but it is also the highest searched and tagged store as of today.

Macy’s flagship store located at 151 West 34th Street in NYC also serves as the corporate headquarters for Macy’s Inc. Here we will look at the history of the store, the company, how to shop there and save money.

The History

The flagship of Macy’s department store and the corporate office of Macy’s, Inc. is located at Herald Square in Manhattan, New York City. Originally known as the R. H. Macy and Company Store. The structure is among the largest in the world at 2.5 million square feet, including 1.25 million square feet in commercial space, making it the biggest departmental store in the United States.

After the business had inhabited a number of other sites in New York City, the Macy’s skyscraper was finished in 1902. In 1978, the structure was designated as a National Historic Landmark and included on the National Register of Historic Places.

Modern Day

At Macy’s, you may shop on 12 levels and find items for men, women, and children, along with a multitude of home products. Marc Jacobs, Longchamp, and Louis Vuitton are a few well-known labels here. You can hire a personal stylist to assist you along the way for a more relaxing shopping experience.

Macy’s is well recognized for its extravagant holiday displays, which draw hundreds of thousands of residents and tourists to New York City annually. The six scenes with varied themes are frequently displayed in the windows along Broadway. Macy’s is frequently the topic of conversation, especially around holidays like Christmas.

Another religiously celebrated event on herald square is the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The custom that hasn’t altered since 1924 features extraordinarily expensive displays. Every year the workforce at Macy’s and the general public march through New York City streets toward Herald Square.

Macy’s App

Now you can get all your favorite items just from the comfort of your home with the help of the Macy’s app. Not only this, find out exciting deals, one-time offers, updates on sales, and alerts about Macy’s through the app.

People usually want to know how to shop at Macy’s with a tight budget. To help them, we have curated a list of ways to shop efficiently at Macy’s when you are in New York.

Ten Ways To Shop At Macy’s Under A Budget

Macy’s Weekend Coupons

The coupons provided at Macy’s are for both online shoppers and in-store customers. Since these are given out on weekends, one can wait till the weekend and use these to buy items at discounted prices even during the season.

Use Star Rewards When You Shop

There are various levels of rewards, starting from bronze and ending on platinum tiers which are available for customers who use a credit card for shopping. However, Macy’s management has recently revised this policy and made the bronze level accessible to non-credit card holders.

These reward points have their own perks, such as cashback, free shipping, discounts, bonus points, and birthday gifts as well.

One Day Sale Every Month

The best part about Macy’s is that it offers a sale every month on a specific Friday, which carries on till Saturday. If you plan to shop only once a month and have to get things that can be pricey, the best day to shop is on sale day.

Free Shipping At $25

Unlike other high-end department stores that only allow free shipping at a $50 minimum, Macy’s has a minimum limit set to $25. One can easily manage to fill the cart with items that are either cheap or at a discount here.

Clearance Sales

The clearance department at Macy’s gives its customers a chance to find items at 90% off, which is practically free of cost. So, this clearance sale is the best way to shop for a home if you are on a shopping spree.

For further assistance, there are color-coordinated tags on clearance items that can help a customer identify the type of price written on the tag. The first is the yellow tag which means that this is the final offer and the price will not go down anymore. Then, there is a blue tag showing another markdown in the price list, and the cost of the item will go down once again. Then there are white tags that show the items are new in the clearance section and aren’t in the designated section of yellow or blue, so you will need to use the price scanner to check the price.

Black Friday Sales

Macy’s gives early Christmas to its customers by offering a Black Friday Sale in July. Most of you will think this means there is no November sale. On the contrary, there is a sale in November as well. The prices significantly reduce in both sales. You can find furniture, gadgets, electronics, cooking range, and much more at Macy’s with a discount range between 30% to 75%.

This is a great way to split up Christmas expenses and save up things for thanksgiving and even Halloween.

When To Use a Coupon

There are certain conditions to using a coupon; apart from those, you are free to use a coupon however you may wish to. Coupons are not applicable on daily deals, Clearance sales, Doorbusters, everyday commodities that would be less than a dollar after the coupon, Macy’s backstage, or special products. Then, there are premium brands such as Nike, Apple, Dyson, etc., on which these coupons aren’t valid.

Items That Have the Best Price At Macy’s

Some best deals are available on the home d├ęcor and regular accessories at Macy’s; these include Bedding sets, suitcases, electronic appliances, towels, boots for women, formals for men, and much more.


When you are in New York, Macy’s is the finest place to shop at. The shopping mall contains everything from places to shop at and then eateries to dine in.

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