Sunken Meadow Golf – Before You Play The Course

There are six main golf facilities on Long Island that are a part of the New York State Parks system. Bethpage is the most popular, with Montauk Downs closing in on second place.

Between these two lie the red and blue courses of Sunken Meadow Golf, with nine holes each on the Long Island Sound in Kings Park.

Sunken Meadow Golf is a beautiful golf facility. If you are a golf lover, you must definitely visit these beautiful grounds at least once.

Sunken Meadow Golf: Red Course

The Sunken Meadow Golf Red course is 3,133 yards and, when it comes to length, is described as the middle course. In this course, you will find Sunken Meadow Golf’s two shortest par-4s and the two par-5s that are 500-yards each.

Compared with the other courses, the slope ratings here fall in the low 110s, giving golfers the chance to play well and increase their scores. On the other hand, professional golfers get to pick their targets here without worrying about any hazards.


Sunken Meadow Golf Red course is known for its opening two holes since they are the shortest par-4s you will come across here. They play under 300-yards in the white tees and measure 309 and 328 yards from the back. The first hole is a hilly area that slopes down from the tee and rises back up after falling again, making it difficult to climb. There are three bunkers guarding the putting surface on #2, which is relatively flatter.

Par-3 third holds an elevated tee box where a large part of the big garden sits. You should expect the holes to play shorter than the yardage listed on the boards- expect to hit 128 from the middle tees and approximately 150 from the back.

On the other hand, the 157-yard par-3 requires a longer club and accuracy as it is harder to get to the right side because of the elevated greens.


You might think water would be a hazard based on Sunken Meadow Golf park’s location on the Long Island Sound, but this is not true. Since the trees frame each hole, you won’t even be aware of the Sound. The trees and thick, rough grounds prove to be an obstacle to players as they cannot keep their shots in the fairway.

Rough grounds here can be uneven and choppy in some areas, and if you are not careful, you can experience an unlucky bounce. Some green fields also have pebbles, rocks, and dirt cart paths around, making it harder to succeed.

Sunken Meadow Golf: Blue Course

The Sunken Meadow Golf Blue course is the shortest nine-hole layout in the facility. However, do not assume it is simple- the grounds bend softly and then continue to get bumpy. Moreover, the court is weaved through three-lined areas, making goals challenging here.

This is a 3,046-yard par-35 that can only be won if players are disciplined and accurate. Shots do not have to be lengthy, but players have a shot as long as they are focused from the tree. The Blue course was built two years after the Green course in 1964 and is spread towards the east side of the clubhouse. Each hole is separated by dense woods.

Moreover, players do not have to worry about water hazards here, and there are only a couple of fairway bunkers. However, you might be in trouble if you try to overpower the short course.


At the start, you will find a downhill par-4. The 341-yard starting position makes its way to the right towards a green pitch. Two traps protect the side, but the foot of the green is left exposed. If you compare the sharp angles that will be visible later on, the left turn in the middle of #2 is fairly soft.

To make things more challenging, a front-to-back slop ensures that balls are kept away from the pin. Even though the Sunken Meadow Golf Blue course is the shortest par-3 in the whole park, it can definitely feel complicated if the putting surface is blocked by the tee.

Players usually cannot get a clear look because of the raised rough right in front of the left part of the green. If you thought you were done with surprises, you are mistaken- there is a deep greenside bunker you cannot see because of this rough.


You might not realize it, but the Sunken Meadow Golf Blue course is as close as the smoothest golf course in the Long Island Sound. Dense woods surround each hole here. Fairways rise and fall here, sometimes dramatically and sometimes subtlety.

We must warn you, though; once you start playing in the rough, the game will get tricky. The ball can either sit on fluffy grass or sink into uneven areas. It is all about how well you understand the field and how much attention you pay to the curves.

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