Our Favorite Water Parks In New York State

The one thing that everyone, despite their age, craves is a summer filled with memories and exciting adventures that they can talk about for the rest of the year. The one place which attracts the people most in summer is a water park.

So, are you looking for a water park in New York to get away from the main city and summer heat? Not every park will have all the perks necessary for amusement, and to save you from the hit-or-miss scenario, we have reviewed the water parks in New York state. Below we have curated a list of the best water parks in New York that are fully equipped to provide their guests with an adventure of a lifetime.

Best Water Parks In New York

The following water parks have everything from amazing water slides to delicious restaurants and food stalls. So, without much further ado, let’s check out which places have made it to the list.

Splish Splash

The summer is incomplete for Long Islanders without a day spent at Splish Splash park. The park has been hosting people for almost 30 years; it has been voted one of the best water parks in America. If you live in NYC, this place is perfect for you; the water park is at a drive of 1.5 hours in Calverton. The park covers about 96 acres of land and has more than thirty rides and attractions.

The twenty thrilling water rides include water slides 300 feet above the ground and drop towers with eight stories. People love the Hyperlight, Alien Invasion, and Bootlegger’s run, which is a water coaster. The racer slides and raft rides for families make this place perfect for types of thrill seekers and have something special for every age group.

The water park is divided into three swimming pools accompanied by a kids’ section of shallow pools so they remain safe in the water. The water park has four special kids’ places: Pirates Cove, Yellow Submarine, Kiddie slides, and Octopus pool.

Furthermore, people who just want to lounge and relax in the water can choose attractions like the Lazy river or Wave pools. Apart from the rides and attractions, the water park has a variety of food options to satiate the guests who feel the hunger after playing in the water all day. The Broadwalk, located in the park, has several restaurants offering different cuisines; some famous ones are Chicken Coop, Tony’s Italian Feast, Funnel Cakes, and The Grill. Other than the mainstream restaurants, there are stalls at every convenient location in the park to get snacks. 

The park provides all amenities if you want to celebrate a friend’s birthday or your kid’s birthday. The fantastic birthday packages will make the birthday memorable that summer. Splish Splash is the right combination of everything you need in a day trip during summer, the relaxing lounge chairs, safe areas for kids to play, thrilling water rides and slides for adults, and food after a vigorous day spent in water.

The park is operational from May till September, so plan your trip and book your tickets now.

Six Flags Darien Lake

Six Flags Darien Lake is an amusement park and water park. The two-in-one combo is located, amid Rochester and Buffalo, in Corfu. The car ride to the park from New York City is about 1.5 hours as well. The 1200 acres of land filled with thrilling and adventurous rides and attractions have made it come on our list of best water parks in New York state.

Darien Lake is one of the seven biggest lakes in the surrounding area, and the park is built around the lake. If you are planning on spending a summer weekend in the area, there are camping grounds in the park to welcome you.

Although the amusement park and the camping sites were developed earlier, the water rides and attractions made it to the park in the 1970s. From then onwards, the park has attracted many tourists of all ages.

The main water slides that will give you the adrenaline rush include RipCurl Racer, a water racing complex with six lanes and way above the ground, and Swirl City Complex, which contains four different kinds of water slides for adults. Then there are other water rides, such as Floatation Station, which is mildly thrilling and made for those who want to lounge by the water.

However, water rides like Big Kahuna, Tornado, and Brain Drain will be apt if you are looking for an extreme thrill.

For kids, the Crocodile Isle, a giant pool with a multitude of kid-friendly slides and rides, can make their day at Six Flags.

Thunder Island

In the north of New York is a water park located in Fulton, known as the Thunder Island park. The park is a perfect summer vacation destination and spending quality time with friends and family.

There are five swimming pools and lounge areas to relax and get a summer tan. Other than that, the park’s main attraction is the epic water slides available here, best suited for all ages. There is a classic tube slide, a bowl slide containing approximately 3800 liters of water, and an enclosed one. As for kids, there is a separate kiddie slide and a water playground containing a lazy river, sprinklers, and other attractions on which only kids are allowed.

The best part of the park is that apart from the water rides, many activities not related to water are also here, such as go-karting, ziplining, and mini-golfing. There is a small section of an amusement park containing a carousel and an arcade with enticing video games.

Thunder Island is a budget-friendly place with no entry fee and many things to offer its guests.

Wrapping It Up

These three vacation destinations are the best places to plan a water day. Beat the summer heat at any of these locations in the New York state.

The McClain Family

We hope we helped. Please let us know of any place that you want to know about in NYS or if we did a poor job with any part of this. Our goal is to help as many people as possible.

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