Skiing Through Hunter Mountain

You stare in awe as the sun’s rays play a wild game of tag with the sharp mountain peak in the distance. The shards touch the rise and bounce off, creating millions of tiny lights, forcing you to squint and marvel at the glory of the wilderness.

The description above displays a tiny part of your overall adventure at Hunter Mountain. As the winter season approaches and you start looking for vacation ski resorts, consider Hunter Mountain.

A three-hour drive from New York City, Hunter Mountain is the ideal location for most New Yorkers tired of sitting at their desk all day. You might not be keen on hitting the gym or walking through the park on a cold day. However, Hunter Mountain welcomes all difficulty levels!

Here’s our guide to hunter mountain and all the activities it has in store for you!

Some Quick Stats on the Mountain

If you want to try something that isn’t as dangerous as ski-diving but not as boring as walking through the park, try Hunter Mountain skiing. The mountain is located in northwest New York City, three hours away from the hub. It offers all kinds of winter sports, such as skiing and snow tubing.

Hunter Mountain is 4,071 feet above sea level, with a total ascent of 2,217 feet and a 1600-foot vertical drop. It includes different kinds of activities. However, for people looking to ski, the resort offers 58 beautiful trails, two other terrain parks, and snow technology that adds safety to your overall experience.

You can book one of the many resorts around 10-15 minutes from the main ski resort. However, don’t underestimate the drive if you want to ski on the same day. In winter, blizzards can cause slow traffic, which might slow you down. Thus, it is best to leave early.

Interesting Facts About Hunter Mountain

You’d be surprised to know why Hunter Mountain winter sports have been famous for quite some time. The mountain is the pioneer of snow-making technology as it was the first ski resort to introduce snow-making in New York.

The 1950s experienced ongoing efforts by business people who strived to revive people’s spirits along with the economy. After the Great Depression, tourism took a massive hit as no one was willing to invest in entertainment.

A group of businessmen planned to revive the area by introducing a ski resort, as skiing was still popular in the era. However, after a failed attempt at convincing the state to work on the resort, the group sent an article that would be published in the New York Herald Tribune.

This article would eventually catch the attention of some people in show business. Subsequent efforts led to the development of the ski resort, which has been developed over time to the skiing getaway you see today.

Hunter Mountain Skiing

After getting to the Hunter Mountain Ski Resort, you will be asked to purchase a ticket. You can choose between the beginner and experienced options as the former comes with a small class. The beginner’s access costs $99 on a regular day (or $79 on a Sunday). It goes down to $81 for professionals.

What Your Trip to the Hunter Mountain Skiing Resort Includes

If you have paid for the beginner access, you will be allowed to ski in the lower mountains after you receive an hour-long group lesson. You can also rent your equipment from the stores nearby.

Professionals get access to the higher slopes and can use their own gear. If you have gone skiing before, ensure you bring your equipment along to avoid paying extra for equipment. The resort also includes a snow lift. However, it isn’t for absolute beginners and going down the mountain might be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.

Places to Visit After Skiing

After a tiring day skiing on the slopes, you will probably have built up an appetite. This is an ideal time to visit the restaurants nearby. If you are looking for a pub that also offers a hearty meal, you should visit Van Winkle’s Restaurant.

Scottie’s Summit Lodge is another place that will offer soups and chilis to people wanting to enjoy their food at a height. It is located at 3,200 feet and is a beautiful place to visit during your trip. Stop at Pika’s Waffle Stop after you finish the main course for that sweet aftertaste of a wholesome trip.

Wildlife in the Catskill Mountains

A guide to Hunter Mountain is incomplete without a discussion of the surrounding area’s wildlife. The mountain is one of the many peaks within the Catskill belt. This belt includes a variety of fauna, such as the beautiful rattlesnakes (watch out for the poisonous copperhead and timber species).

Other animals you might want to keep a distance from are coyotes, black bears, and bigger cats such as bobcats and cougars. Other smaller mammals, such as the fishers and chipmunks, are much cuter and less harmful.

If you are in the surrounding area, try spotting the majestic White-Tailed Deer, a rare sight that is usually seen before the break of dawn. Or perhaps the local warblers, cuckoo birds, and thrush flying overhead might pique your interest.

Other Activities

If skiing isn’t something you enjoy, you can take advantage of the other popular activities in the area. Hunter Mountain also offers different hiking and nature trails some distance from the ski resort. Alternatively, you can explore the area through ziplining or snow tubing. During your hike, you might also like to try fly fishing!

Final Thoughts

The beautiful Hunter Mountains are a part of New York that you don’t want to miss. If you prefer the mountains to the beach, you should visit this peak at least once. You will definitely get hooked to the skiing, if not the beautiful scenery around you.

Pack up your skiing equipment, load your truck, and drive off to the Catskill belt to explore the mountains!

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