Best Places to Live if You Commute to Syracuse

According to reports, the typical commute has been steadily increasing since 2010 in the US. But that’s not always the case; for instance, in Syracuse, the average one-way commute takes nearly 19 minutes. In comparison, that’s shorter than the national average of 26 minutes. Still, folks are always looking to make their daily commute shorter somehow, and one of the best ways to do that is by simply moving into the city rather than living on the outskirts. If you are living in Syracuse, NY (or plan to), then there are a few options when it comes to neighborhoods that are considered more convenient for the daily commuter.

East Syracuse

Consider relocating to the East Syracuse area if you are planning a major relocation to New York State and are going to commute to Syracuse. East Syracuse lies close to the city and shares borders with seven more communities. Even though it may have a greater crime rate than other neighborhoods of comparable size in the city, this one is nevertheless regarded as a lovely location with lots of home options

Only 3,000 individuals call it home, most of whom are young professionals and families. The Eastside is home to several well-known pubs, eateries, and parks, which means there is never a shortage of things to do. Additionally, the neighborhood’s schools are all well-known and considered some of the best in the state, which is a bonus if you’re relocating there with school-aged children or considering having a family.


The Northside neighborhood, one of Syracuse’s oldest and biggest, is a popular destination for young professionals and families. Northside, a neighborhood rich in history and culture, was first populated by immigrants of Italian and German descent in the early 19th century. This neighborhood, which used to be a monocultural residential enclave but is now surrounded by commercial areas, spans almost four square miles and includes the famous Little Italy neighborhood.

Fairmount, NY

Fairmount has a population of 9,817. It is considered to be among the best areas to live in in New York. Fairmount homeowners enjoy a minimalist suburban vibe and are mostly homeowners. There are several parks in Fairmount. The city has a large population of pensioners and young professionals, and its citizens lean conservative. Fairmount’s public schools are well-regarded.

The most sought-after neighborhoods are frequently found near the city’s center, but the southwest is where more inexpensive housing may be found. Fairmount property prices are considered to be more affordable compared to the state’s average of $600,000 compared to New York.

Jamesville, NY

Five towns’ peripheries come together to form the hamlet known as Jamesville. James DeWitt, a European-American pioneer, was honored with Hamlet’s name. After the American Revolutionary War, it was inhabited during the early Federal period when the Iroquois tribes were compelled to relinquish their territories in New York to the United States

DeWitt, NY

With a population of 25,072, DeWitt is a suburb of Syracuse. One of the nicest locations to live in New York is DeWitt, which is located in Onondaga County. DeWitt people enjoy a minimal suburban vibe, and most own their houses. There are several taverns, eateries, and parks in DeWitt. DeWitt is home to many young professionals, many of whom have conservative political views.

Galeville, NY

Galeville, a suburb of Syracuse, has a total of around 4,000 residents. Located in the county of Onondaga, Galeville inhabitants enjoy a thick suburban atmosphere, and the majority own their houses. There are several taverns, eateries, and parks in Galeville. The city has a large population of families and retirees, and people there often hold moderate political views. Galesville’s public schools are considered some of the best in the state.

Medium-sized to studio or two-bedroom single-family houses and apartment buildings/high-rise apartments make up most of the real estate in Galeville. A mixture of owners and renters occupy most of the residential real estate. Most homes in the Galeville area were constructed between 1940 and 1969, making them older and more established.

Lyncourt, NY

The first thing you notice about a community is how it looks, including the homes and surroundings. Some areas appear to be the same, but after residing there, they show their genuine personalities because they have a distinctive blend of ethnic residents. This area is particularly distinctive in a few significant aspects.

Each of its residents has a distinct culture that is mostly influenced by the cultures of the people who live in these areas. Similar to this, every neighborhood in America has its own culture, some more distinct than others, depending on the way of life, the kind of jobs people have, the kinds of homes they live in, and most significantly, the culture of the residents. Lyncourt, NY, is a great neighborhood that offers you the best amenities for small-town living. 

Lafayette, NY

Lafayette provides a harmonious blend of a small-town atmosphere in the country with convenient access to metropolitan and suburban comforts. It is surrounded by stunning vistas since it is spread across hills and valleys. Additionally, it is situated alongside Route 81, which has rapid on-off ramps in both directions.

The town has 28,200 acres, of which 6,400 are owned by the Onondaga Reservation. The town’s terrain is uneven and mountainous, and the high ridge between the two main streams, Onondaga Creek, has sharp declivities and rises from three to six hundred feet in elevation. The town of Lafayette, NY, offers a great living experience for professionals, couples, and families.

Bayberry, NY

Bayberry, the first planned community, was founded in 1956 in Central New York. It was initially built to house employees at the General Electric and Chrysler plants in Syracuse and to provide them with simple access to amenities. Bayberry is situated between Route 57 and Morgan Road. The 1500-home complex, which is truly a neighborhood, offers its inhabitants a wide range of services, including outdoor concerts, holiday parades, and convenient access to shops and other establishments.

Eastwood, NY

Eastwood was once a hamlet and earned its name from Syracuse to the east, where it is now a suburb. The area was annexed by the City of Syracuse during its most recent round of annexations in 1926. The area is still known as “the village inside the city” today because of its strong feeling of community.

Dubbed ‘The neighborhood within the city,’ Eastwood is a lovely residential area with many attractions, dining options, parks, and walking paths. Spend a day exploring this unique suburban gem of Syracuse, which is walkable and pleasant, where you’ll discover everything from books to beers to coffee beans and pets.

Reasons to Live in Syracuse

There are plenty of reasons why one might want to call Syracuse, NY, their home. Sure, Syracuse’s infrastructure requires an upgrade, and it is now receiving one. A $2.2 billion renovation of the whole downtown area was funded by the government called. ‘The Syracuse Community Grid.’

Construction on this project has already begun, and it should be finished by 2024. In terms of weather, Syracuse receives a lot of snow and rain. After all, it is called the nation’s snowiest city, so if you don’t enjoy it, don’t relocate here. Another exciting reason to call Syracuse your new home is that it will be one of the best cities in the country to live in amid climate change, according to scientists. That’s because there will always have plenty of land and water, and residents won’t ever experience harsh weather.

We all know how frustrating it can be to be stuck in traffic for hours. The great thing about living in Syracuse, NY, is that even during peak hours, Syracuse’s roadways are rarely congested and often have no traffic. You won’t ever experience crowds when dining or shopping (except at Destiny USA mall). This is a big draw for people who enjoy living in a place where there isn’t as much honking and waiting in traffic as in other cities.

All that, coupled with Syracuse having some of the best hospitals and schools in the country, an abundance of green spaces, and convenient neighborhoods for commuters, makes Syracuse a great place to live.

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