The Rinx – Learn Hockey and How to Skate

yourself out of the slump than by ice skating at the Rinx? Lace up and head to the Rinx to take advantage of the season. You can sharpen your skating spins or simply enjoy a day of recreational skating.

The Rinx in Hauppauge, New York is open for public skating throughout the fall, spring, and summer months. Keep reading to learn more about things to do at the Rinx.

About The Rinx

The Rinx sits over 97 acres of land that makes up Hidden Pond Park in Hauppauge. With two full sized ice skating rinks for the public, there is always plenty of space for skaters even when it gets crowded.

Besides ice skating, The Rinx plays host to a number of events including tournaments where experts from around the world test their skills on the ice. There is a youth hockey program that provides training to young athletes. An Olympic size swimming pool that is large enough for international competitions.


Set against the backdrop of the beautiful Hauppauge and away from the sounds of the city, The Rinx has a certain charm that can transform any gathering into an unforgettable experience. The sweeping views of the city make The Rinx the perfect venue for picnicking and dining.

You can plan your next outing with groups of 20 or more at The Rinx. The picnic package includes a number of amenities including buffet style BBQ, all-paper goods, private picnic area, private restrooms, and free parking.

Also included at no extra charge are the three heated pools including the giant Olympic size swimming pool and a diving pool. Food is served from 12:00 to 4:00 and includes a BBQ buffet. When you arrive at the picnic spot, the expert staff will have everything set up, ready, and waiting for you. When you’re finished, simply walk away. The staff will take care of the clean up for you!

Group Skating

The Rinx offers a discounted prices to skaters who arrive in groups of 10 or more for the public skating session. This also comes with a discounted food package through their Time Out Cafe. More facilities are provided to larger groups of over 200 people with the option of renting a full rink for private outings and fundraisers.

Group events can be planned at the Rinx throughout the year, including summertime when the helpful staff offers picnics near the pool deck catered through the Time Out Cafe.

Birthday Parties and Team Parties

The Rinx also allows event planning that can handle every aspect of your event from concept through to completion. The team specializes in corporate events, social events, and birthday parties. Make sure to book your party as early as possible because The Rinx has limited space available.


Ice skating interest has grown tremendously during the last few years. This is why The Rinx plays host to a number of tournaments with teams coming in from around the world. In addition to their novice/beginner training program, skaters can play competitively with each other to enhance their skills.

The Rinx will be hosting a highly competitive match between NYPD Hockey and Team Colin on November 18. All proceeds from the event will be donated to children’s programs for the holidays.

Activities for Preschool Families

The Rinx is also accepting online registration for The Rinx Preschool Academy. It provides a safe and healthy environment for children between the ages of 2 to 5 years old. The school is licensed by New York State and meets all state regulations and requirements. The faculty members stress environmentally based learning that allows children to build a strong foundation.

Tuition pricing starts at $2600 for 2 year olds and $7850 for 5 year olds.

Olympic Size Swimming Pool

Enjoy a full-sized Olympic swimming pool with loved ones, friends, or colleagues. The swimming pool is perfect for recreational activities and special occasions. The best part is that The Rinx also provides swim lessons to beginners. Make sure to follow the swim lesson schedule for more information.

Private swimming lessons are also offered for a fee. If you want to improve your swimming skills by an expert, then the Rinx is the ideal place to be.

Figure Skating Lessons

The Rinx provides figure skating lessons for all ages and skill levels. Their skills program inspires participants to be the best version of themselves. The classes are designed to keep skaters motivated and enthusiastic about learning the basics of figure skating from the time they start lessons until they reach their goals.

The Rinx offers a fun and safe skating experience for beginners and advanced skaters alike, teach them the correct technique for the basic elements of skating while helping them develop balance and coordination. Whether you want to be a champion or learn something new about figure skating, The Rinx is the right fit for you.

Visit the official website for a full schedule of classes as well as fees.

How to Get to the Rinx

Getting to The Rinx is relatively easy. For visitors coming in from Western South Shore, take the Southern State Parkway to Exit 36N until you find Wyandanch Plaza.

Guests from Long Island Expressway should take Exit 51 South and continue for 2 miles to the Railroad trestle and turn right on Acorn Street. Now turn right on Straight Path. You will find Wyandanch Village to your right just across from the train tracks.

Wrapping Up

These were just a few of the fun activities, including ice skating, at The Rinx. The sprawling 97-acre family is packed with unique attractions and cool things you do that will easily take up your entire weekend.

Hopefully, this list will help you make the most out of your trip to The Rinx. Share your comments with us if you feel that we missed a popular activity at The Rinx.

The McClain Family

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