What Types of Jobs Do Most New Yorkers Have?

As the state that international visitors to the country visit the most, New York holds the top rank. Having roughly one-quarter of its own citizens being immigrants, this is a state which values variety. For its amusement, stunning monuments, and abundance of galleries and museums, tourists swarm to New York.

Obviously, residing and earning somewhere is very different from simply traveling there. Great news for New Yorkers is that in 2021, California and New York shared the honor of having the most Fortune Global 500 firms per capita. Furthermore, as Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that even in March 2022, the rate of unemployment decreased to 4.6%.

The disadvantage is that, given that New York covers more than 54,500 miles, the expense of residing there is far higher than the national average, being only topped by Hawaii or Washington, D.C. There are several alternative cities, villages, and regions to feel at home, even though having one of its greatest occupations in New York might make life simpler to live in the city.

Future for New York Careers

New York, next to only California, experienced one of its greatest job growth in the nation in March 2022. About 8.6 million employees have been working in New York since May 2021, and some of the biggest industries therein were accounting and business industries, academia, health, marketing, and administrative and secretarial support.

According to data from the New York State Department of Labor, the average weekly salary in New York was around $1,690 in 2021. School managers, administrators of health care services, administrators of community and social services, analysts of data security, and family physicians are a few professions expected to see an increase of much over 25% between 2018 to 2028.

Types of Jobs Most New Yorkers Have

Here is a list of jobs in New York that one can do.


This is the Internship capital of the world. Not that this is a career, but it is definitely worth mentioning. With so many big firms with revenues rolling in billions, there are so many opportunities for interning in New York. If you are a student looking to gain experience over the summer or a fresh graduate learning the ropes of the professional world, then an internship in your field will be the best first step. There are many people who are doing/interested in it. According to a survey, approximately 67,725 people are currently employed as an internee. The average pay for an internee is around $37,543, while the starting pay is $22,000 per annum.


The next most sought-after job is a cashier. You do not need a professional or some extremely high-end degree in finance to land this job. A firm grip on the softwares used by the company and a good attitude is enough to work as a cashier. There are multiple places where you can end up being a cashier, such as shops, stores, banks, and restaurants. As per the latest survey, there are 41,533 people who are currently working as a cashier. In shops, stores, or restaurants, mostly part-timers or students are employed as cashiers, so if you are one of those, go ahead and drop your CVs. A person’s average salary as a cashier per year is $25,924. At the same time, the starting pay is around $19,000.

Sales Associate

Another job that is gaining momentum is a sales associate job. New York is the hub of retail, and sales associates are always in demand. You do need some experience in sales to get a handsome salary, and a business degree in marketing is a plus. According to the survey above, 47,015 people are sales associates in New York. While the starting or entry-level pay is at $20,000, people make around $40,000 on average.

Customer Service Representative

Customer care representatives are the face of any company, and with hundreds of startups brewing on New York’s streets, the demand for Customer Care also increases. Similarly, as for old, well-established companies with increasing clientele daily, the need to get Customer Care representatives is also increasing. Almost 19,395 people are currently in this job description, earning approximately $31,000 per year. The entry-level pay for a customer care representative is $23,000.


An individual who works in a workplace and administrative support role is a receptionist. The task is typically done in a waiting room, like a lobby or front desk of a company or institution. The receptionist’s job description includes greeting and welcoming customers, scheduling meetings, coordinating couriers, preserving orders in the welcome area, call-answering and call-forwarding, telephone call screening, and distributing and classifying mail.

Almost 17,254 are doing this job or interested in it. The average salary per annum is around $31,000. The entry-level pay is around $23,000. The entry criteria to work as a receptionist are flexible. Employers typically need strong IT, literacy, and numeracy skills. They can request AP classes or credentials that are comparable. Frequently, employers request relevant job experience.

Home Health Aide

The home health aide is just a licensed healthcare provider that assists patients with daily activities, including dressing and washing. To protect the health and well-being of patients receiving home healthcare, they could also be in charge of minor housekeeping tasks like cleaning the laundry or the dishes.

The job description includes serving meals and assisting with patient feeding, assisting with movement, building beds, making the patients feel at ease, weighing patients, taking their temperatures, and checking their pulses, respirations, and breathing.

In order to be a Home Health Aide, you need to have the following skills:

  1. A history of employment as a home health aide
  2. Ability to gather samples and keep track of vital signs
  3. Knowledge of the fundamentals of nutrition and grooming or personal hygiene
  4. English language proficiency
  5. Nursing and universal healthcare administration abilities
  6. A sympathetic and caring nature
  7. Training with First Aid
  8. Current CPR certification
  9. A current driver’s license
  10. A high school diploma

About 15,608 people are doing or interested in it. The average salary per annum is $25,694. At the same time, the starting pay is $20,000.

Medical Assistant

The job description of a medical assistant includes the following:

  1. Provides information, resources, and aid to patients.
  2. Keeping track of the inventory of medical aid and carrying out preventive maintenance on medical equipment.
  3. Confirms patient data by speaking with the patient, writing down their medical history, and validating the reason for their appointment.
  4. Prepares patients for evaluation by completing preliminary physical exams, taking their temperature, heart rate, and body weight, and giving a synopsis of their medical history.
  5. Helps with office tasks to save time for doctors.
  6. By finishing and protecting medical records, finishing diagnostic and treatment coding, and maintaining patient privacy, one can secure patient data and uphold patient confidence.
  7. Transmits medical advice and queries from patients regarding surgery in order to provide counseling.
  8. Makes arrangements with the operation center to schedule procedures, confirm appointment times with patients, and prepare records, pre-admission documents, and permission forms.
  9. Keeps the workplace safe, clean, and pleasant.
  10. Inventorying goods, ordering orders, and checking receipts help to keep supplies ready.
  11. Follow operating procedures, diagnose malfunctions, keep materials stocked, carry out maintenance work, and make service calls to keep machinery in working order.
  12. Refreshes professional skills by taking advantage of educational programs and studying trade journals.
  13. Adheres to high practice, facility regulations and procedures, and local, federal, and state laws to serve and safeguard the practice.

Approximately 12,883 people are doing or interested in being medical assistants. The average salary is $34,199, while the starting pay is around $22,000.

Graphic designer

A graphic designer in New York is responsible for the following things. So with a professional degree in Graphic design, one can do the following:

  1. Corporate branding (logos and color palettes)
  2. Interfaces on webpages and apps.
  3. Publications such as books, periodicals, newspapers, and others.
  4. Packing for goods.
  5. Commercials and advertisements.
  6. Store, arena, transport, and event area signs.
  7. Gaming consoles.

In order to gain a position as a graphic designer, you need to have the following skills:

  1. Creativity. You certainly don’t require us to explain it to you, so let’s make sure you get it
  2. Typographing, 
  3. Strong Communication and Vision
  4. Good grip on artistic Apps by Adobe.
  5. Interactivity in media.
  6. Coding.
  7. Creating a brand.
  8. Providing Presentations.

Five thousand seven hundred sixty-one people are doing/interested in graphic design. The average pay is $51,855, and the starting level pay is around $32,000.


The above-mentioned jobs in New York are both well-paying and do not need much of a solid educational background. If you are a New Yorker looking for a new job, you can choose one of these.

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