Atlantic Beach, NY – Beachside in Long Island

If you are in New York and want to go sightseeing, you should consider visiting Atlantic Beach. You may have heard of the name “Hempstead”. It is a town in Nassau County where you can find the famous Atlantic Beach. It is located just south of the south coast of Long Island.

There were 1,891 residents counted in the census that took place in the town in the year 2010. Since then it appears that the area has expanded a bit. East Atlantic Beach shares the Long Beach Barrier Island with Atlantic Beach. Atlantic Beach is positioned on the island. 

Atlantic Beach is one of the most popular destinations in NYC. It is a tourist attraction that captures the hearts of thousands of tourists from all over the globe every summer. People come here to take advantage of its beautiful beaches and pleasant climate.

Season passes allowing Atlantic Beach residents to enter the beach via any of its nine controlled entries may be purchased by residents at any time. 

Just minutes from New York City, Atlantic Beach hosts some exclusive and beautiful private beaches. Residents of the town (and their visitors) and members of the clubs have exclusive access to the beaches. Beach passes are mandatory for entrance and will be checked upon entry. 

History of Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach was founded in 1923 by a former sheriff of Nassau County and Freeport financier Stephen P. Pettit.

Pettit wanted to build a city that might rival Long Beach, established by the hands of William H. Reynolds, an amusement park tycoon and politician.

A real estate business owner and Yale graduate William Austin and his business partner invested $4M in the property that would become Island Park in 1926. On July 15, 1931, Mayor James J. Walker married William Austin and Josephine Sanders, best known as the actress Irene Delroy.

After they had finished the first round of digging and leveling on Pettit’s land, the second phase of the property’s subdivision officially began.

At first, it was expected to see the completion of all the homes. Each of the seven-room, two-bathroom houses sat on a site that measured 48 by 88 feet and had a separate, attached garage. As a bonus, they were constructed using a wide variety of different blueprints.

Petitt had an idea to build a connection between Atlantic Beach and Far Rockaway. It was dedicated and officially opened to the public in the year 1927 on 29June.

The original concept called for a boardwalk along the whole oceanfront of the land, but the one that was built was only about a mile long.

Why Should You Visit Atlantic Beach?

The Atlantic beach is a wonderful place to escape the pressures and stresses of day-to-day living. The positive aspect is that if you reside in close proximity to New York, you will have the opportunity to unwind in an environment reminiscent of a vacation without the need to go too far or take a trip.

The beauty of the location is mainly responsible for the town’s rapid expansion throughout the years, and because of a holiday resort’s relaxed atmosphere, the locals could go about their daily lives while still having a good time.

Therefore, if you want to kick back, unwind, and have an excellent time without doing a lot of traveling, Atlantic beach is the spot to go and explore.

Oh Yeah, Wildlife!

The wildlife along the Atlantic coastline is also extraordinary. In addition to that, there is an artificial reef that can be found in the water not far from the coast.

Many marine animals have made this artificial reef their home, making it an essential link in the marine food web. The Piping plover is one of the species found on Atlantic Beach. It is considered the most significant of the species living there.

The little sand-colored sparrow known as the piping plover is a species that is both endangered and globally threatened. It is possible that they became an endangered species due to hunting in the 19th and early 20th centuries because their feathers were used as decoration for women’s hats.

A prohibition on hunting them and access restrictions placed on their breeding grounds are two examples of the measures taken to ensure the survival of these species.

How Can You Visit

There are many ways to visit Atlantic Beach. The Atlantic Beach Bridge is a favorite route for nearby people. In addition to that, it can also be accessed by air travel since it is not that far away from JFK International Airport.

After arriving at JFK International Airport, you can travel to it via road using the same Atlantic Beach Bridge. An unconventional way to travel to it would include using a boat since it is surrounded by water on all sides, but that is rare and not financially practical.

Our Final Thoughts

Atlantic Beach is a place with rich history and a welcoming population. Most people started to live here since it has some amazing views and feels like a vacation spot. It traverses the Reynolds Channel using the Atlantic Beach Bridge, which is also a very convenient way to travel to it.

It is a small town with a small population and a great place to wind down and have a good time. If you live nearby and want to relax without going too far, look no further because Atlantic Beach has everything you want.

You can enjoy the beach and the peaceful atmosphere without worrying that you are too far away from your home. Visit Atlantic Beach, and we promise you that you will have a fantastic time.

The McClain Family

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