A Historical Journey Through Fort Ticonderoga

You might have roamed around New York on foot, exploring the multiple parks throughout the city. You may even have discovered the many rivers and lakes on a boat, fishing through the clear waters. However, traveling through the city and studying the beautiful historical landmarks it has to offer is another experience altogether.

One such landmark is Fort Ticonderoga, a beautiful site with a rich history. It marked the birthplace of commerce and industrialization when transportation transformed into a business. As most of the early transportation systems were situated around bodies of water, this Fort was an ideal location.

Your trip to Fort Ticonderoga will include much more than sightseeing. It will involve a historical account of a site that is often called the “Key to the Continent,” as it served as an entry point for most soldiers during the Revolutionary War.

The Fort

The most interesting characteristic of the Fort is how it maintains its value despite being a location that is nothing more than a mark in history. The Fort is located just outside Vermont. It is situated within the hub of New York and is influenced by different cultures. Yet it maintains its American roots, which attracts people from around the USA.

The Fort was planned and erected in the 18th century and has been maintained over the years. Some necessary renovations have allowed it to maintain its integrity over time. It is spread over 2000 acres and contains historical artifacts and locations inside the building.

Fort Ticonderoga attractions include the places used by troops during wartime, such as the kitchens and barracks. The best thing about the Fort is the guides who take you through the building, explaining the significance of every part of the Fort.

The Historical Significance of the Fort

Most people visit Fort Ticonderoga for its history. They show an interest in the marks it has left on the surrounding area and the effects of the War.

Efforts towards the construction of the Fort began as early as 1755. It began to serve the French during the French and Indian War, acting as a defense for the troops. The Fort could house the soldiers and feed them till the enemy gave up.

The Fort was attractive for its location. Ticonderoga was situated at Lake Champlain in a way that formed a passage between Champlain and Lake George. This was useful during the Battle of Fort Ticonderoga, a battle for which the Fort was most popular.

The Fort marks a victory over the colonizers. It stands for freedom and authority. Perhaps that is why most of the activities in Fort Ticonderoga revolve around its history.

Activities in Fort Ticonderoga

There are many sights to witness and activities to partake in once you reach the Fort. Here are some things you and your children can enjoy as a family;

1.      The Fort Itself

There are multiple attractions that you simply can’t miss while visiting the Fort itself. Most visitors spend a lot of time within the building from where they can admire the landscape or roam around the halls with a guide.

No matter how many times you have visited it before, you will witness a different side to the Fort. That is because the building follows a different theme every year. You will be surprised to know how rich the history of the Fort is. In fact, they impersonate a different era each year!

A.      Shops

You can witness different kinds of shops scattered around the Fort where guides spend time stitching clothes and shoes. These guides often walk around impersonating soldiers from that era to add a realistic feel to the Fort.

B.       Inside the Kitchens

You can also peek into how the soldiers had their lunches by visiting the kitchen.

C.       Museums

The museums contain many artifacts that soldiers used in different eras.

D.      Demonstrations

During your time at Fort Ticonderoga, you might be able to witness the firing of some cannons.

2.      Outside the Fort

As you step outside the Fort, you will land upon the beautiful gardens in the area. The King’s Garden is a popular spot overlooking Lake Champlain. It includes spots where you can have a picnic or simply admire the views.

3.      Explore the Lakes

Luckily, there’s a lake nearby. This means that you can rent a boat and get to row through the lake. You can have a picnic or take a guide who will tell you about the area’s naval history.

Food on Your Trip to Fort Ticonderoga

You would most probably be famished after all that exploring. Don’t worry. The area includes a couple of amazing restaurants and cafes which allow you to get a sandwich, a wrap, or perhaps something more fulfilling

How to Visit the Fort

You can easily access the Fort as it is located near the Adirondack Mountains. You can also travel 21 miles east of I-87. Detailed directions are included on their website. Ensure you go through the website and the Fort’s rules before visiting. The site is historical, and it is preserved accordingly. Any damage to the site might result in a fine.

Final Thoughts

If you plan on a winter trip, ditch the monotonous vacation spots and visit the Fort to be transported back to an older time. Fort Ticonderoga is fun for the whole family. It is a great place to take your children if you want to explain to them the Revolutionary Era.

Make sure to plan in advance and go through the weather before you visit. Bad weather might compromise your plans as it can postpone some attractions. Always be prepared and visit the Fort early to get your parking spaces before they fill up.

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