The Castle Fun Center: Ultimate Family Entertainment

Located in Chester, NY, The Castle Fun Center is a year-round amusement center that entertains many visitors daily with their families and kids. This premier entertainment spot in New York is perfect for family fun as it offers many attractions like roller skating, free fall, laser maze, mini gold, zip line, etc.


The Castle Fun Center invites all types of visitors, whether large groups or just a few family members or if you’re out on a unique date night, there is always entertainment and fun available in this place.

The Castle Fun Center is located 30 miles away from Bergan & Rockland Counties and 50 miles away from NYC.

There are outdoor and fully air-conditioned indoor attractions like Laser Tag, Rock Wall, etc., and the fun is doubled as the Jester’s Restaurant & Pub offers excellent foods and drinks.

Some seasonal outdoor activities include Mini Gold, Zip Line, Free Fall, Dragon Coaster, etc. The attractions are available spring through fall and located just a mile away are The Castle Golf Driving Range and Batting Cages.

Opening Hours of the Castle Fun Center

The Castle Fun Center is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

On Wednesday, it is open from 3 pm to 8 pm when only the lower level activities are available.

On Thursday the times are from 3 pm to 8 pm.

The park opens at 3 pm on Friday and closes at 10 pm except for Inflatapark and Ballocity, which closes at 9 pm.

On Saturdays, it opens from 11 am to 10 pm, but the Inflatapark and Ballocity close at 9 pm.

Timings for Sunday are from 11 am to 8 pm.

To get into the castle, there is no reservation, parking, or admission fee. The attractions The Castle Fun Center offers range from $4 to $15 in their prices and caters to all visitors whether they are there for just an hour or to spend the whole day.

Famous Attractions in the Castle Fun Center

1.     Inflatapark

The inflatapark brings live-action fun for families as the bounce house, built upon 10 thousand square feet, features 12 interconnected activity areas.

There is a Toddler Zone for little ones and a Wrecking Ball for children of other ages. The inflatable park offers exciting climbing, bouncing, jumping, and dodging opportunities with its various fun activities like Ninja Wall, Meltdown, Obstacle Course, etc.

2.     Laser Tag

The latest technology used in the fast-paced Laser Tag activity for visitors of all ages doubles the fun the state of the art phasers and vests.

A continuous 10-minute game in the Castle Fun Center 3500 sq. ft. Laser Tag arena is equipped with a thrilling sound system, black light, and extensive theming that intensifies the players’ senses.

3.     Free Fall

Free Fall is the most thrilling outdoor attraction of The Castle Fun Center. The Free Fall ride has a height of 50 ft. and allows ten people at a time.

The Free Fall car is lifted off the ground and then suspended in the air for a brief period, after which it plunges downwards before being lifted back into the air. This attraction’s repeated falling and rising makes it a heart-stopping and thrilling experience for all visitors.

4.     Climbing Wall

The challenging Climbing Wall of The Castle Fun Center is a perfect recreation opportunity for birthday parties, field trips, and other group adventures.

The 30-foot indoor wall is built for people of all ages to experience a climbing activity. The attendants are always vigilant to provide a safe experience and ensure that the Climbing Wall riders wear their safety harnesses correctly.

5.     Mini Golf

The 18-hole golf course is a stunning attraction of the Castle Fun Center in NY. The golf course is only available seasonally, from spring through fall and whenever the weather permits.

The golf courses engage adults and children in challenging activities, and the two mini gold courses are The Knight’s Revenge and The Dragon Slayer.

The Castle Fun Center Information

The Castle Fun Center has imposed certain age restrictions to ensure the safety of all the visitors and that they will abide by the state regulations.

The Free Fall allows people 46″ or taller to ride alone, and if they are 36″ tall and less than 46″, they require an adult to ride with.

In Laser Tag, the age recommendation is seven years or older, but it is only a requirement as the attraction is open to all visitors.

The park doesn’t have any admission price, but the attractions within are priced accordingly, and visitors can add an amount of money to their Castle Card to enjoy the rides. The castle doesn’t offer wristbands, so no advanced bookings are taken.

If non-profit organizations and schools visit The Castle Fun Center, they are offered discounts during off-hours.

The Castle Cards are debit cards that are rechargeable. Visitors can add as much money as they want and then swipe the card at the different scanners in the castle. The cards never expire, which is why the unused points are never refunded. Visitors can purchase rides and food through the Castle Cards, but not alcohol or discounted packages.

Parties and Other Events

The Castle Fun Center is a fantastic destination to host birthday parties for kids, corporate events, camp field trips, and other non-profit organization outings.

The castle offers discount packages for birthday parties which offers many attractions to ensure that every special day is made even more memorable.

The birthday parties hosted by the castle offer packages that include balloons, invitations, food, soft drinks, ice creams, and a castle T-shirt for the birthday child.

The parties are almost 2 hours long, and visitors can bring their cakes or cupcakes, but no other outside food.


No matter which age group the visitors belong to, senior citizens or little kids, The Castle Fun Center has appropriate entertainment opportunities for them. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

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