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The first quad roller skate, created by James Leonard Plimpton in 1863, had four wheels on two axles and allowed the skater to pivot. John Joseph Merlin constructed the earliest known skate in 1760. As a result, it gained momentum from there.

The pandemic may have dampened interest in roller skating. Still, Roller skates have reascended in popularity after being featured in several viral videos on the social media platform TikTok. Still, this time it’s adults rather than youngsters who are getting in on the action.

Roller Skating in New York

Roller skating is a sport that people of all ages may enjoy. For a long time, roller skating was a staple of urban lifestyles. Although summer is winding down and fall is just around the corner, skaters still get together weekly.

Over a hundred skating rinks used to dot the landscape of what is now known as Upstate New York back when we were children or our parents were young.

This quantity is now much smaller. To be sure, there are such places, and their dedication to good times and physical fitness for all ages remains strong among those who frequent them. Among these roller rinks, rollerama stands out as a prominent member.


Rollerama opened its doors in 1957 and has been owned and operated by the same family for three generations. The exquisitely modernized roller skating rink that can be found in the center of the Town of Rotterdam, New York, offers a maple skating floor that is enormous, measuring 80 feet by 180 feet, and that has been polished to a faultless finish.

Rollarama is the go-to skating rink for locals and visitors alike. Given its rich history of hosting world-class roller skaters coloring it distinct, rollerama, with its top-notch service quality, is an unforgettable experience.

No matter how skilled or inexperienced you are on roller skates, Rollerama is the ideal destination for spending your summer vacations. Rollerama welcomes skaters of all experience levels, including novices such as small children, families, clumsy skaters, and those who were practically made for the rink.

Roller Skating Classes

Rollarama makes roller skating lessons available to everyone interested. They have a knowledgeable and competent staff, which puts you at ease and helps you overcome your apprehension about the rink. Thanks to the experienced team available at the rink, you’ll feel like a pro in no time.

There are classes available for roller skaters of all skill levels, from absolute beginners to advanced skaters, and there are even jam skate sessions for skaters who want to learn that specialized style of skating.

Age Varying Skating Days

There are days explicitly reserved for you at Rollerama. Take some time for yourself, head to the skating rink to de-stress, and have fun while you skate away the hours. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the designated nights during which adults and children can skate independently of one another.

The kiddy night is held every Tuesday, and it is always a wonderful, laughter-filled event that will naturally etch a smile on your face as well.

Thursdays are reserved exclusively for the grownups. Between the hours of 6:30 and 9:00 at night, roller skating is open to everyone who is at least 21 years or above in age. You are welcome to take delight in the jazzy beats playing in the background and the vibrant lighting that helps to create an evocative ambiance.


Even if you don’t own skates, you won’t be left out in the cold at this roller rink in New York City. A store that sells skates and related equipment is at your disposal. The kind and attentive staff will do everything they can to assist you in locating the boots that are the perfect fit for you so that you can get rolling.


Are you looking for a way to take a break from skating without letting boredom set in? Not to worry! Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the ice rink, with coverage reaching every building corner. In addition to that, they have three enormous screens, and music is playing in the background all the time.

Game Room

Suppose you have overexerted yourself from the strenuous activity that is roller skating. In that case, you can easily head out to the gaming area and knock yourself out with all the amenities offered. There is also a shop accessible if you feel like bringing a little souvenir back to recall the memories of the joyful day you had while skating at the rink!

Birthday Parties

Everyone, whether six or sixty, deserves a memorable birthday! And what could be more memorable than a birthday spent on the wheels with loved ones at rollerama, celebrating another trip around the sun and making memories that will last a lifetime?

Private Events

They accommodate a wide variety of special occasions, not just birthday bashes. You can even book an event from the company’s easy-to-follow booking procedures and get you and your fellow friends or colleagues a day away from the hectic and stressful daily life. It will be a gesture to improve someone’s day from the bottom of your heart!

Snack Bar

Rollerama makes you feel like you have traveled back to the early 1990s. Not only do they play jazz that gets your body moving, but the snack shop, designed like a pub, also serves delicious food that makes your mouth water. Stop by the shop to try some ice-cold drinks with salty pretzels or maybe some hot pizza that’s been perfectly prepared.

Our Final Thoughts

Skating on rollerblades is a fun and healthy activity for the whole family. Skate about at high speeds, engage in various skating activities, listen to your favorite music, and refuel with a hotdog from the Snack Bar. At Rollerama, you may take a break from your hectic routine and enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

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