New York City’s All-Night Skate Bar

New York City might be known for its great architectural monuments or its many natural sites; however, the true, undeniable appeal that draws the entire world towards this American state is its free-spirited and well-preserved culture.

No matter what time of the year you visit New York, the city of lights will always enchant you with its blazing glow, mesmerizing light work, uplifting music, and the overall ambiance that invites you to let go of all your worries and enjoy a night you will remember for a very long time.

If you live in New York City and are old enough to have a hard time relating to some of the modern trends and fads of today’s millennial culture, we need you to sit back, close your eyes, and imagine the old New York City roller-skating culture, with people twirling around in their short skirts and matching vibrant colored skates, dancing around to loud, retro music.

If this imagery takes you back to another time you experienced in your childhood or teenage years, visit the famous Brooklyn All Night Skate bar.

Apart from being a roller-skater-themed bar for adults, All Night Skate also has the unique quality to let you experience the overwhelming nostalgic appeal of an older era, when New York City’s lifestyle was all about roller-skating.

Continue reading below to learn all you need to know about the history of New York City’s roller-skating culture, the location of the All Night Skate bar, and all the reasons why you need to visit it this year.

The History

Roller-skating has always been an integral part of New York City culture. From young students rolling away to school to people in their seventies rolling around the park, hand-in-hand with their partner, one could spot a skater on almost every street of the city.

Although there are still a few rinks and enthusiastic roller-skaters in the city, the embedded passion for roller-skating that once was part of every New Yorker, is now gone. Instead, the old-school four-wheeled roller skating is seen more as a reflection of an older, more vibrant time.

Although it is unknown when exactly roller-skating was introduced to New York; however, one can find my skating-themed articles, pictures, and events dating back to the early 1900s. Back in the day, apart from just skating on the public rinks, people hosted all kinds of roller-skating events.

For instance, one can still find an old ‘bring your roller-skates’ poster for a skating carnival, from as long ago as 1936. Moreover, roller-skating used to be so popular that there were complete magazines and newspaper sections dedicated to the sport.

Over the years, although rolling-skating did remain part of some of the New Yorker’s lifestyle; however, the coming of the new technological era distracted people away from the popular sport.

Soon enough, children were more interested in staying home to play video games instead of going out to skate with their friends.

Today, although most of the old-school skating rinks have been demolished, people of a certain age group are often found occasionally celebrating the nostalgic roller-skating era.

Where is it Located and How Can You Get there?

Although the themed bar is named All Night Skate, people are often deceived into assuming that the bar has an old-school skating rink.

However, since the All-Night Skate bar is for adults, and it serves alcohol, they do not want to make the mistake of putting drunk and tipsy people on wheels.

Fortunately, once you have made it to the Brooklyn part of New York, getting to the All-Night Skate bar should be no problem at all.

Located on 54 Rockaway Avenue, in Brooklyn, New York City, the All-Night Skate bar is easy to spot for its roller-skater theme aesthetic and retro vibe.

Although most New York City bars remain open throughout the night, it is better to reach the All Night Skate bar a little earlier, as it does not take long for the night bar to reach its maximum capacity.

Top Things to do at the New York City All Night Skate Bar

  • Enjoy some of the most delicious and mood-enhancing cocktails and alcoholic drinks at the bar
  • Enjoy the overall roller-skating-themed aesthetic, that will undoubtedly take you back to a different New York City life
  • Dance with your friends under the retro style neon light show
  • Grab a bite at the bar with your friends or lover

Top Reasons to Visit a Retro Roller-Skate Themed Bar in New York

If you ever happen to be in Brooklyn New York, do not leave the area without visiting the All Night Skate bar at least once. Some of the top reasons why you need to visit the bar are as follows:

  • No kids or millennials to bring in their modern norms and fads. Hence, the overall ambiance will always reflect the early and mid 1900s
  • The club often offers special drinks in vibrant colors to pay an homage to the old-school roller-skating aesthetic
  • You will get the chance to dance to some of the most amazing old-school tunes, you had completely forgotten about

Top Items You Need to Take to the New York City All Night Skate Bar

  • An old-school polaroid camera to stick to the theme
  • A neon band to reflect the many lights
  • Cash
  • A pair of roller skates to get a 10% discount at the bar

Final Thoughts

If you are someone who loves New York City’s old-school roller-skating culture and wishes to pay homage to the nostalgic sport, head out to Brooklyn to have an incomparable night at the All Night Skate bar, that is specifically designed to have a 1900s roller-skating theme.

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