Neue Galerie – A Masterpiece Put Well Together

Since its inception, Neue Galerie has produced high quality exhibitions that feature 20th century German and Austrian abstraction to American audiences. The presentations have addressed specific periods within the 20th century including certain movements and trends.

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About Neue Galerie

Neue Galerie is dedicated to German and Austrian art pieces from the early 20th century. They are displayed on two bright, spacious exhibition floors. The aim of the collection is to explore the unique relationship across the work of various artists such as Oskar Kokoschka and Alfred Kubin.

The collection features pieces from 1900 and reflects various movements of that era: the Brucke; Hermann Max Pechstein; the Bauhaus; and the Neue Sachlichkeit.

Neue Galerie is located at 1048 Fifth Avenue in an area known as Museum Mile. It is housed in a building that was completed in the 20th century by Carrere & Hastings who were the brains behind the New York Public Library. It is currently designated as a landmark by the landmarks commission in New York and is considered to be an important relic of the past.

The building was later renovated by Annabelle Selldorf, an architect. She adapted the most stringent museum standards when carrying out her restoration work of 1048 Fifth Avenue, bringing it to its original state.

The building was eventually sold to the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. In 1994, it was purchased by Ronald S. Lauder and Serge Sabasky.

Notable Exhibitions of the Past

The Neue Galerie has showcased unique exhibitions with unique themes. Most exhibitions are held over the course of several months. Popular exhibitions of the past include:

  • Portraits of an age: Photography in Germany and Austria, 1900-1938

This exhibition explores photography in Germany and Austria over the course of four decades. It was organized by Monica Faber and includes vintage prints from over 35 artists, covering a wide range of formats and art staples. The exhibition included studio portraits by photographers such as Hugo Efurth and Dora Kallmus.

  • Comic Grotesque: Wit and Mockery in German Art, 1870-1940

This exhibition from 2005 explored humor in 20th century Germany. The exhibition showcased well over 70 works from public and private collections. It was organized by Dr. Pamela Kort, a curator from Berlin. It starts with paintings by Arnold Bocklin and shows off work from various artists including Paul Klee, Alfred, Kubin, and Max Ernst.

  • Modern Worlds: Austrian and German Art, 1890–1940

One of the most recently held exhibitions included works of German and Austrian artists from the permanent collection. The primary purpose of this gallery was to explore a unique perspective of German culture from this era and to make the work available to audiences for academic and entertainment purposes.

Important works from the Austrian collection include Carl Moll’s White Interior. It was displayed for the very first time at the Neue Galerie. Highlights of the exhibition can be seen here.


Neue Galerie has an extensive collection that covers a wide range of media including sculpture, painting, decorative arts, and photographs from the 20th century. The extended collection belongs to collection at the Neue Galerie is comprised of works belonging to the Estate of Serge Sabarsky, Ronald S. Lauder, and the museum itself.

Note that all artwork featured on the official website exclusively represents the museum’s holdings.

The Book Store and Design Shop

Neue Galerie has an extensive collection of artwork, gift certificates, digital media, and products for sale. It has two online stores: the bookstore and the design shop, each serving a unique purpose.

The book store sells publications on fine art, decorative arts, and architecture from Germany and Central Europe. The Book store includes biographies of various trailblazers such as Alban Berg and Josel Albers among others.

The design shop includes accessories, jewelry, leather, lighting, and even cutlery. Most of these items are relatively affordable but some products, such as the D’ora Couture Collection cost over $2,200.


Neue Galerie isn’t just a popular museum of decorative arts and design in New York, but it’s also home to artisanal foods prepared by experienced chefs. Food here is a sprawling affair, spanning across two cafes that draw inspiration from the 20th century. Café Sabarsky is named after the co-founder of the gallery, Serge Sabarsky.

It is modeled after Viennese cafes where intellectuals and artists of the century often spent their time. Everything from the light fixtures to the banquettes gives the place a unique appearance, as if you stepped back in 20th century Germany.

The cafe menu is based on the culinary heritage of Austria and reflects Viennese food traditions.

Cafe Fledermaus is found in the lower level of Neue Galerie. It is named after the famous Cabaret Fledermaus. The interior design of the cafe, including the marble that lines its walls and the checkered floor tiles, is based on the auditorium of the Cabaret. The food menu at Cafe Fledermaus is very similar to Cafe Sabarsky.

Special Events

Neue Galerie is available for private events – but it will come at a cost. Make your next event a historic occasion at Neue Galerie where you and your guests can explore 20th century paintings from Germany and Austria.

Events for 100 or fewer guests have a fee of $10,000 in donations. Events with over 100 guests require $25,000 in donations. Besides the above, guests may also have to pay additional fees including a $5,000 administrative fee that covers the cost of security and custodial services.


Members at Neue Galerie experience a more intimate connection with the museum throughout the year with special access to rotating exhibitions and the permanent collection. Neue Galerie has streamlined the admission experience for everyone.

The membership is based on various tiers starting at just $75 for students and up to $10,000 for Benefactor. The benefits depend on the type of membership purchased. Students receive the least lucrative amenities that include free entry to concerts and advance notice for the cabaret series. Benefactors get the privilege of hosting a private viewing of the museum’s permanent collection.

Wrapping Up

Neue Galerie continues to provide a comprehensive collection of work from German and Austrian communities. Even if you’re not an art aficionado, you might want to visit Neue Galerie for the mouthwatering food alone.

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