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Parks are a lovely way to spend your time. They can be a great opportunity to get away from your busy lives and give yourself quality time. Moreover, the activities provided within the parks can lead to better family bonding experiences and relaxation.

The Greek Lakes State Park is one such park situated toward the east of Syracuse in Manlius. Manlius is a small town with a big heart that provides the park with its beautiful scenic landscapes. These vast expanses allow for the construction of breathtaking gold courses, uniquely designed by Robert Trent Jones.

Green Lakes State Park gets its name from the lake itself, which is one of a kind due to its special formation. The park contains a beautiful water source and a massive forest preserved by the surrounding areas.

Geography of the Park

Every park is known for its special terrain and structure, which makes it unique. Before diving into the activities in Green Lakes State Park, you should know all about its geology.

If the Green Lakes Park were a human body, it would have two hearts. These are the two smaller lakes, the Green Lake and the Round Lake, which are equally beautiful. The lakes are known for their vibrant mixed colors, a unique blue-green.

The park was constructed through changes many years ago in the ice ages. However, it wasn’t much of a park back then. The terrain and geology of the park mimic that of the gorge touched by the lakes above.

The park stretches over 1,955 acres, hosting around 700,000 to 900,000 visitors yearly. You can choose to partake in the many activities it provides or roam around, marveling at the beautiful old maples and white cedars. Green Lakes Park has something for everyone.

History of the Park

During your trip to Green Lakes State Park, you might want to stop and wonder about its history. Let us give you some food for thought. The park was recently declared a National Natural Landmark due to the rich history that surrounds its present existence.

Like all state parks, the area that has transformed into a beautiful retreat wasn’t as attractive long ago. In fact, there was no such thing as a Green Lakes State Park about a hundred years ago. In the 20s, preservation experts began to plan to purchase the park.

However, the plan came into action and gained motion post-depression. As Roosevelt pushed for development, more parks were constructed. The parks included golf courses, hiking trails, wildlife, and many more activities.

Since then, the park has been expanding and growing into a safe haven for many species of birds and wildlife and a great retreat for people all over the USA.

Popular Activities in Green Lakes State Park

If you are looking to visit the Green Lakes State Park, here are some of the activities you might enjoy;

1.      Camping

The park is a great camping ground. Just lay out your tents and hang in for the night. You can sleep under the stars, view the nightlife, and enjoy many other comforts of the camp getaway.

2.      The Beach

Yes, Green Lake has a beach too! The park contains a sandy beach you can enjoy with your kids and areas designated for sunbathing. It has evolved over the years and offers many comforts to its visitors, along with privacy.

You can enjoy some hot dogs are the concession stands or escape to the lake for some watersports. The lake is a perfect place to go for a swim or boating. However, if you are planning a visit, remember to leave your boats home as the park doesn’t permit personal boats.

3.      The Golf Course

This is for all you golf enthusiasts!

If you are looking for a great golf course in New York, Green Lake is where you should go. The park’s golf course is an 18-hole, which is adequate for even the best golf players.

4.      Hiking

If you haven’t experienced hiking in Green Lakes Park, you should try it. Make use of the elaborate hiking trails located all around the park. These include trails reserved for biking, skiing, and lake trails known for their beauty.

The park is a create-your-own-adventure where you can choose your activity and go with the flow. Pick a cabin or choose the outdoorsy camps if you want to connect with nature. It’s all up to you!

The Wildlife

The park also includes outstanding wildlife, nurtured by the lakes and thick forests surrounding the area. These forests are rich in habitation and have been around for years. They include hemlocks and tulip trees.

If you plan to go hiking through the trails during your trip to Green Lakes Park, you can expect to encounter wildlife that will take your breath away. Ensure that you proceed with caution and don’t approach the wildlife, as that can force them to attack.

The park includes a bird conservation area that contains different species of birds you won’t find elsewhere. It hosts that grassland habitats like the Eastern Meadowlark, Grasshopper Sparrow, and more. You can also find forest birds such as the Grosbeaks and Redstarts.

Final Thoughts

If you plan on escaping the heat and visiting a spot you haven’t been to, consider Green Lakes Park. Now that you know all about Green Lakes, perhaps it’s time to leave the nest and fly away towards the bird conservation, the beautiful beaches, and the cool waters.

The Green Lakes State Park provides multiple opportunities to kick back and relax. However, your responsibility is to maintain the park and care for its wildlife. Thus, it is crucial to avoid littering and respect your habitat. For more information or guidelines, contact the preservation guides present at the park during your visit.

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