Glamping in New York State – The Right Way

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The best part about New York is that individuals can try multiple outdoor adventures throughout the year. Whether you want to swim in the waterfalls, snowboard down beautiful mountains, or go hiking, New York really has it all. Of course, you cannot go to New York without visiting the crown-jewel metropolis, right?

If you are traveling for the first time after staying in quarantine for months or want to enjoy nature at its finest, what better way to enjoy yourself than by glamping in New York State? In NYC, you will find a total of 180 state parks, more than 7,600 lakes, and 22 national parks. If you are into hiking, you will be amazed by all the hidden gems the state offers.

In the summers, the lakes, swimming holes, and waterfalls in Upstate New York become popular spots that everyone stands in line for. In the winter, you can cross-country ski, snowboard, or snowshoe through the Appalachian Mountains, the Catskills, and the Adirondacks. So many outdoor activities here will quench your soul and make you grateful for being alive.

Glamping – What is it?

When you read the word “glamping,” do you think of glamour? You’re not the only one. The term originates from two words- camping and glamor. It allows individuals to experience their lives by enjoying the outdoors with the privilege of mattresses and big tents where chairs and tables can be kept.

Glamping is just like camping, but a luxurious version of it. More attention to detail is put into the space, making it less mobile. You do not need to prop your tent up or develop rashes and burns from sleeping on the ground. Instead, you can book your trip and have all the arrangements set up for you to enjoy a peaceful, luxurious time in nature.

If you love nature but do not want to get too uncomfortable, glamping is the perfect activity. If you wish to bring your aged parents or an individual with an autoimmune disease along with you, glamping is perfectly safe. After all, you get a fantastic night’s sleep while camping in some famous New York spots!

The History Behind It!

Glamping provides the escapism travelers need to go outdoors and enjoy the luxuries of comfort and hospitality. The combination of luxury amongst ruggedness allows glampers to interact with nature in the most comfortable setting that they can imagine. Even though the term glamping was added to the Oxford dictionary in 2016, it is a concept that has existed for many centuries.

In the United States, glamping became one of the most searched Google words by 2018, and today, glamping sites can be found at weddings, national and state parks, and music festivals. Ever since the launch of The American Glamping Association in 2018, more and more people have become aware of glamping and are jumping on board with the idea.

Famous Places for Glamping in New York State

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Here are some of the best glamping spots:

1.      Glamping in Catskills: Tentrr Signature

Are you desperately in need of some alone time but want to be surrounded by nature? Tentrr Signature is located in the middle of the State Forest Preserve, making it a beautiful campsite located on the mountainside.

Here, you can wake up to the beautiful sunrise that makes everything bad go away, making you feel instantly at peace. You can start your day off by swimming in the natural pools nearby or go on a morning hike to get the blood in your body pumping. If you are feeling touristy and want to get some souvenirs to take back home, the towns of Phoenicia and Woodstock are only 10 minutes away.

2.      Adirondacks Area: Adirondacks Tree House Camping

If you love raw beauty and want to camp with comfort, this beautiful treehouse retreat will leave you awed for a lifetime. The Adirondack Mountains are one of the major three mountain ranges to visit in New York State, making this spot perfect for glampers.

Since Saratoga Springs is only 10 miles from Adirondacks Tree House Camping, you can visit some of the most famous attractions during your stay. Get ready to relax on cold nights with an outdoor kitchen, deck, fire pit, and electric heater. Since the bathroom is only a few steps away from the glamping site, you will have everything you might need during your time here!

3.      Finger Lakes Area: Firelight Camps

There are so many things to do in Finger Lakes, making the Firelight Camps an excellent location if you are glamping for the first time. This camp can be found on the La Tourelle Resort and Spa grounds and is only a few kilometers away from Buttermilk Falls State Park, where New York’s most beautiful waterfalls lie.

At Firelight Camps, you will find king-sized beds, cocktail bars, complimentary breakfast, daily yoga, hot showers, campfire spaces, hammocks, hardwood floors, and delicious homemade s’mores. We guarantee you will not want to go back home after glamping here!

4.      NYC Area- Camp Rockaway

If you live in New York but don’t have your car, you should still be able to go glamping! In fact, there are many wonderful glamping spots in New York City that you can enjoy this summer. All you have to do is take an MTA subway ride and go glamping at Camp Rockaway in Queens.

When living in New York, it is easy to forget that you are living on the Atlantic coast, and when the weather gets warm, the beaches can become your safe haven. From Memorial Day Weekend to mid-October, safari-inspired canvas tents are laid out at Camp Rockaway behind bathroom facilities, charging stations, supply stores, hammocks, fire pits, sand dunes, and grills, giving you all that you might need for the weekend.

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You can take the ferry, subway train, or simply Uber there. Living in an urban city like New York can become exhausting, but with so much beauty around, you deserve to take a break and wake up by the sea!

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