How Big is New York State?

The State of New York is 54,555 square miles. It is by no means a very big state, but it covers enough area to house a significant percentage of America’s population. New York City is a part of the State and consists of most of the popular monuments, landmarks, and other famous things we hear about regarding New York. The rest of the state is quite different from New York City and has a different charm.

How Big Is The State?

Fifty-four thousand five hundred fifty-five square miles or 141,300 square km is the total area of the State. This number, by itself, might not mean too much to many people, so it is essential to compare. For example, all of England, the country, is only 50,301 square miles, which makes the City of New York slightly larger than the entire country. The population of England, however, is much higher than the population of New York. England houses nearly 55 million people, while the State of New York is nearing only 20 million for now.

However, the state of New York is still smaller than the rest of the United Kingdom. UK is 1.7 times larger than the entire state of New York. The state is also around 1.4 times larger than South Korea and three times larger than the Dominican Republic.

New York is much smaller than many countries as well. For example, Australia is 54 times larger than the State of New York. India is 23 times larger, and Spain is 3.5 times larger.

You can compare the State of New York by looking at it on a map. The numbers and sizes of different countries don’t really mean much to laypeople because we do not consistently have a scale in our minds about how large an area is. If you see the map of America on a world map and compare it with other states in the US and other countries, you will be able to get a true idea of how large the State is.

When we live in a State or a city, we usually measure distances by time. We figure out how long it takes for us to get from one place to another, and that’s it. Therefore we have a distorted perception of how large an area can be.

How Many Counties Are In The State?

The State of New York has a total of 62 counties. These counties are all populated and quite different from each other. They are not the same size either, and the population of each county also differs massively. For example, only 80,000 people reside in Cattaraugus County, while around 2.7 million people reside in Brooklyn. The size of the county does factor into this, but so do other variables, such as the opportunities each county has to offer in terms of jobs and convenience and what kind of a social environment each of the counties has.

What Is The Biggest County In The State Of New York?

The biggest county in the state of New York is St. Lawrence County. It lies on an expanse of 7306 square km or 2821 square miles. St Lawrence County is larger than Rhode Island (1544 sq miles) and Delaware (2488 sq miles), both of which are entire states in the USA.

This county is situated on the Northern side of New York state and lies along the border with Canada. St. Lawrence County is home to famous landmarks across the USA, such as the SUNY Potsdam and its infamous Crane School of Music. Other colleges of SUNY, such as the Canton Technical College and College of Environmental Science, are famous landmarks in the county.

St Lawrence County also consists of 13 villages, 32 towns, and just one city, which is Ogdensburg. Canada is situated very close to the county and as well and one can make it through the border (using their passports, of course) via a short drive as well.

Is New York The Biggest State In America?

The state of New York is the 27th largest state in all of the USA. This makes it amongst the mid-sized states in the country.  The largest state in the USA is Alaska, which is 1.7 million square kilometers, compared to only 141,300 square kilometers of the state of New York.  The smallest state in the USA is Rhode Island, which is only 3,144 square kilometers big in terms of area.

In terms of population, New York has the fourth highest population of all the states in the country, with around 19 million people. The largest population is in California, with almost 40 million people as of 2022, and the smallest population is Wyoming, with almost 600,000 people in total. Even so, Wyoming is the ninth largest land in terms of states, which is quite interesting to note.

Even so, the state of New York does consist of the most populous city in all of the United States, which is the city of New York. This is exactly why the state is one of the most populated states in the USA. However, the rest of the state is not quite as populous as New York city is. This is because the people in other cities in the state of New York live more slow-paced lives and do not value living the dream life in New York City as much as most people in New York City and the rest of the world do.

How Big Is New York City?

The city of New York is the most popular city in the entire state of New York. It is also one of the most famous cities in the United States. However, it is not the largest city in New York. It is among the five big cities in the State of New York, ranking at number 5.

New York City is, however, the most populous city in the entire state of New York, with a population of 8.8 million, followed by Brooklyn, with a population of 2.7 million. This city qualifies as the most populated city in the USA as well.

There are tons of people here for good reason. First, it is the perception that mainstream media has created of the city, which is fast-paced and full of opportunities for all kinds of people. For the major part, this is quite true since you will find all types of people in the city of New York. There are people of all races and ethnicities and people from the elite classes to those from the lower classes. The city of New York also has a very high rate of poverty.

Is The State Of New York Big Enough For All The People In It?

As we have mentioned, the State of New York is the fourth most populated state in the USA. The state is also the fourth most densely populated state in all of the USA, even though in terms of the area, it is only the 27th largest state in all of the USA. So is the state truly big enough for all the people that reside in it?

The answer is quite conflicting. This is because a large portion of the population in the state of New York only resides in New York City. Out of 19 million people, around 8 million are part of New York City alone. And New York City is a very densely populated city as well. The cheapest apartments you can rent in the city are still quite expensive and small, only big enough for a single person to live in. In comparison, you can rent much better apartments for the same price in the rest of the state in other counties. So New York City is very densely populated, and its real estate prices and competitive environments reflect this.

On the other hand, the rest of New York State is either normally populated or sparsely populated. There is enough area to house many people, but the rest of the state offers fewer opportunities and the fast-paced lifestyle that people in the city of New York are looking for.


The State of New York is the 27th largest state in all of the USA and the fourth most densely populated state in all of America. It is quite big in terms of area, but the disparity between the city of New York and the other counties in the state of New York is very evident. The state is also big enough for all the people it houses, but the disparity is quite evident here, too, since a large chunk of the population resides in the city of New York alone, which is the most populated city in all of the USA.

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