Best Places to Live If You Commute to Rochester

My college roommate is from Rochester and we spent many a weekend cruising the area. If you are considering commuting to Rochester for work or just to keep a long distance relationship going, we have some places for you to consider. Check out this list of the best places to live if you commute to Rochester, NY – you may be surprised at how many excellent options are available!

1.    Brighton

With highways and interstates running through Brighton, the drive to Rochester only takes 25 minutes unrestrained.

If you’re looking for a city with bustling nightlife and plenty of shopping centers, downtown Rochester is just a short trip away. Brighton has something for everyone, from quiet neighborhoods surrounded by beautiful hills to diverse restaurants offering diverse cuisine nearby.

Furthermore, Brighton is home to plenty of events throughout the year, from festivals at Cobb’s Hill Park to Chili at Ellicott Creek Park.

2.    Fairport

Situated on the bank of the gorgeous and ever-calming Erie Canal, this charming town offers an atmosphere and feeling of relaxation that pairs perfectly with its proximity to the hustle and bustle of Rochester.

As such, commuting daily to and from your job won’t feel so daunting when relieved by Fairport’s peaceful beauty – especially with numerous state parks and local trails perfect for an escape.

Whether you’re coming home after a long day at work or leaving for an adventure in the city, you’ll never tire of Fairport’s exceptional opportunity for outdoor recreation combined with close convenience to downtown Rochester shopping and attractions.

So, break away from your stressful days with peace of mind knowing that everything is just within reach in Fairport – genuinely making it too much of an alluring destination not to live!

3.    Honeoye Falls

Honeoye Falls is a charming village surrounded by beautiful rolling hills and breathtaking views. Located just 20 minutes from Rochester, NY, it offers a perfect blend of small-town comfort and the convenience of being close to the city.

With its excellent school district, quaint downtown shops, great outdoor activities nearby, and cultured residents, Honeoye Falls is an ideal place for people who work in Rochester but want to live in a tranquil community away from the turmoil.

4.    Cobbs Hill

Cobbs Hill is the ideal place to live if you are commuting to Rochester, NY. Just outside the city but close enough for an easy commute, Cobbs Hill offers beautiful surroundings and plenty of activities.

The picturesque views of the lake make an excellent backdrop for long walks in the evening. Cycling is also a popular pastime, with locals taking advantage of frequent bike trails nearby.

In addition to its natural beauty, Cobbs Hill is close to offices, shopping centers, and schools, giving everyone everything they need within reach.

Whether it’s a quick bite from one of the local restaurants or just enjoying the sights from the park’s pavilion on top of Cobbs Hill, this is genuinely one of Rochester’s hidden gems worthy of exploration and discovery.

5.    Upper Monroe

Upper Monroe is the ideal place to call home if you work in Rochester, NY but don’t want to deal with the chaos of city life. Located just minutes away, you can enjoy a quieter lifestyle while still getting to your job quickly.

With an abundance of local malls, parks, restaurants, and entertainment venues, there is plenty to do without venturing too far from home.

Additionally, its convenient access to the Greater Rochester International Airport ensures that even those who frequently travel for business will have no difficulty getting around.

As one of the most coveted places of residence outside the city limits – yet only a short distance away – Upper Monroe is not only accessible but also practical for commuters who want to take full advantage of being so close to it all–and not lose out on peace and comfort in their off hours.

6.    Swillburg

Located just five miles from Rochester’s center, Swillburg offers excellent convenience and accessibility without the turmoil of a big city lifestyle.

With access to the city’s attractions like the High Falls and Finger Lakes Wine Country, residents of Swillburg have all that Rochester has to offer within their grasp.

Yet, at the same time, people can come home to their peaceful community with quiet, tree-lined streets – giving them both convenience and sanctuary in one place.

In addition, Swillburg is also home to an array of unique attractions, such as its 19th-century houses, bars, and restaurants – allowing its residents to experience actual city living with a neighborhood feel.

Truly, Swillburg is a prime location for anyone looking for easy access to Rochester while still having amenities close by and peace within their neighborhood.

7.    Park Avenue

Not only is park avenue a mere 45-minute drive, but this stunning urban suburb boasts many attractions and amenities that can help to make the most out of a long commute.

Here you will find a wide selection of restaurants, cafes, and stylish boutiques to explore and enjoy, as well as luxurious parks with plenty of green spaces. Park Avenue offers both convenience and a vibrant atmosphere – perfect for those looking for a lively escape from their daily grind.

With so much to offer commuters, it’s easy to see why Park Avenue is considered one of the best places to live in Rochester!

8.    East Avenue

East Avenue is the perfect location if you’re a commuter to Rochester, NY, because of its convenient proximity and plethora of amenities. With access to multiple highways and accessible public transportation, getting around the city has never been more accessible.

From relaxing parks, lovely restaurants, and lively nightlife – East Avenue puts you in an environment bustling with energy without sacrificing comfort.

Whether you prefer exploring all the big city has to offer or to take it easy on a beautiful sun-filled afternoon – East Avenue is the ideal setting for both!

Furthermore, with highly competitive housing prices, this area is excellent for those looking to get the most bang. There’s no better place to settle down than East Avenue if commuting to Rochester is part of your daily routine!

9.    South Wedge

Located just minutes from downtown Rochester and easily accessible by many roads and highways, South Wedge offers a unique combination of city amenities with a small-town feel.

Residents can enjoy nearby parks and green spaces, stylish shopping and dining on South Avenue, and farmer’s markets for fresh local produce.

Commuters can take advantage of convenient public transit links right in the neighborhood, such as bus routes, bike lanes, and free shuttles taking you directly into downtown Rochester.

With those benefits plus an affordable cost of living near amenities like hospitals, universities, and businesses, it’s no wonder South Wedge is one of the most desirable places to live if you commute to Rochester, NY.

10. Browncroft

From the quiet suburban atmosphere of the neighborhood to nearby places like Cobbs Hill Park and Durand Eastman Beach, it provides an ideal living environment while also being within easy access to the city.

In addition, significant roads like Interstate 490 and 390 provide convenient access to downtown. Plus, with options such as Stick ‘n Move fitness and Cosmic Family Entertainment nearby, there are plenty of activities and local shops right near where you live.

Indeed, Browncroft is one of Rochester’s best-kept secrets regarding comfortable living just miles away from a big city!

11. Spencerport

Located to the west of Rochester, NY, Spencerport offers commuters the perfect balance between city life and small-town charm.

Just a hop away on I-390, commuters can enjoy the convenience of living near all Rochester offers – from major universities to excellent restaurants and healthcare – without having to live amidst the hustle of city life.

Unlike other “bedroom” communities, Spencerport retains its classic small-town feel while being close enough that many facilities and amenities – like grocery stores, banks, libraries, and parks – are just minutes away.

Residents also benefit from lower taxes than larger cities in the area and some of the best public schools in Monroe County. Spencerport is an excellent choice for people looking for a short commuting distance and a unique combination of big-city vibrancy alongside small-town comfort!

12. Hilton

With Hiltons’ desirable location just 12 miles from downtown Rochester and easy access to I-390 and I-490, the commute time is minimal.

Plus, its unique community filled with friendly people and close-knit neighborhoods ensure that even when you’re living away from home, you can still feel right at home in your neighborhood.

Whether it’s winding down after a long day at work by taking an evening stroll around the village green or watching some of the fantastic movies shown at the local theater on Saturdays, there is always something to look forward to in Hilton.

So, if you’re looking for an ideal spot to call home while commuting to Rochester, NY – make Hilton your top choice!

Our Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a place to live that will offer a short commute to Rochester, NY, consider checking out one of these great locations.

You will save time on your commute and enjoy all that each neighborhood offers in terms of amenities, dining, nightlife, and more. So, whether you’re looking for an urban oasis or a suburban escape, one of these commuter-friendly places is sure to be the perfect fit.

The McClain Family

We hope we helped. Please let us know of any place that you want to know about in NYS or if we did a poor job with any part of this. Our goal is to help as many people as possible.

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