The Best Places to Raise a Family in New York State

New York City carries a lot of weight. The Empire State is home to New York City, has the fourth-highest population in the United States, and has some epic locales for raising a family.

Those who value family values know what factors should be considered before making a change that will significantly impact a family’s dynamic. Concerns like safety are the top priority. Another concern is the kind of quality education you can expect from the institutions found there. People are also concerned about easy access to a major city, somewhere their loved ones can participate in different cultural and social activities.

Overall, neighborhoods and communities have significant impacts on children’s development. This was in response to a question about the extent to which a child’s development and the quality of life for the family are influenced by the state they live in. The foundations for children’s success are secure neighborhoods, good schools, clean water and air, parks, job possibilities for parents, healthy food options, and supportive social networks.

The Best Places to Raise a Family in New York State

If you’re a parent or guardian thinking about relocating to New York, you should know that it’s one of the safest states in the country right now. The following are the best places to raise a family in New York State:

1.      Altamont

Altamont is located in Albany County, with a population of is 1,665. Schools and family-friendly events are big draws, but there are plenty of other reasons to call this area home. The cost of living is moderate, and the real estate market offers various options for people of all backgrounds and income levels. It’s also a good place to call home because there aren’t many recorded crimes there. The lack of evening activities is Altamont’s biggest drawback, although if you rarely go out, it won’t bother you.

2.      Kingston

Kingston, a town of around 35,000 people in the Hudson Valley, has a strong arts culture that has altered the town’s trajectory. Historic New York’s first capitol was located at Kingston. It has a vibrant downtown that complements its status as one of the best art towns in the country.

In the nineteenth century, Kingston thrived as a river port. Its historical significance and natural attractiveness have been preserved, and it now hosts exciting cultural activities for residents and tourists. You can take a trip along the river, visit the Performing Arts Center, or learn about the area’s history at the Trolley Museum, the Rondout National Historic District, or the Hudson River Maritime Museum.

3.      Hamilton

There are 3,814 people living in the town of Hamilton in Madison County. Parents looking for a great place to raise their children will find the area’s many kid-friendly attractions and excellent public schools. With its abundance of dining options, retail stores, and nightlife spots, this city has all the trappings of a modern suburb. It has a strong employment market, low crime rates, and a diverse population. The high expense of living is the area’s sole real drawback; nevertheless, this is to be expected given the area’s appeal.

4.      Urban Garden

Despite its proximity to Manhattan, the borough of Garden City is often disregarded by individuals who are planning a trip to or a move to the Big Apple. It is located on Long Island, not far from Brooklyn. It offers residents and visitors a pleasant middle ground between city life and the suburbs.

Garden City got its name because of all the trees that border the streets, giving shelter to the rows of lovely Tudor and Colonial houses that make up the neighborhood. Visitors can enjoy the city’s parks, play a round of golf at the local country club, and shop at Roosevelt Field, one of the major regional malls in the area. While waiting, you can visit Manhattan or the Long Island wineries.

5.      Harris Hill

Harris Hill is a small community where the vast majority of inhabitants own their homes. It is home to a diverse population, including many young professionals and retirees that lean conservative politically. It boasts highly regarded public schools.

6.      Albany

Albany, New York, received a cumulative score of 6.5 out of 10 points in a magazine, making it the greatest place to live in New York State. It is located near the Catskills and Adirondacks and has unique stores, restaurants, and art galleries. The residential and public buildings, including the State Capitol and the Empire State Plaza, are noteworthy.

However, the low cost of living in Albany continues to be a selling factor. The national median sale price for a home is more than what buyers in Albany are paying. On the other hand, the median income exceeds the national median.

Albany has been recognized as the top New York City to call home. Rankings of neighborhoods, the availability of jobs, the number of people living there, and how desirable the place are contributing significantly to making this city one of the best to raise a family. Factors such as education levels, unemployment rates, and crime statistics were considered.

7.      Borough of Brooklyn

Time Out New York suggests looking for a place in the Williamsburg neighborhood if you want to call the borough of Brooklyn home. McCarren Park, which features a pool and an ice rink, is a popular destination for families since it offers different fun activities for kids of all ages. It’s a nice place to live because of the abundance of good restaurants and the low crime rate.

8.      Buffalo

Buffalo is the state’s second-largest metropolis and sits on the shore of Lake Erie. The city’s restored waterfront has become the hub of community activity, and its culinary scene is second to none.

Spend some time in a vibrant downtown area known for its art galleries, stunning architecture, the thriving craft beer industry, and amazing chicken wings. Later, you can watch the Buffalo Sabres slice up the ice in the NHL or partake in the famous tailgate with the locals at a Buffalo Bills game.

9.      Riverdale

The low cost of living, relative to the rest of New York, is fairly reasonable for residents, making it one of the best places to raise a family. Extra Space Storage suggests Riverdale in the Bronx as a good neighborhood for families. Because of its low crime rate, it is among the safest 15% of U.S. cities. Since the median property price is under $360,000 and the median rent is a little over $1,300 per month, Riverdale is also a viable option for those on a budget.

Although it is technically part of New York City, Riverdale feels more like a suburban neighborhood with its tree-lined avenues and spacious parks. There are many excellent schools within easy commuting distance of Riverdale. The neighborhood is warm and welcoming. In addition, there are plenty of events suitable for the whole family to enjoy here.

10.  Fairport

Fairport’s great schools are a big draw for families, but that’s far from the only perk of this Rochester suburb. It’s great for families because there are many fun things to do together in the great outdoors. Fairport is an excellent spot to find a career because of the wide variety of industries represented and the convenient public transportation options. Its low cost of living and secure environment are other major selling points.

11.  Cooperstown

Cooperstown is one of the most well-known New York towns despite its relatively small population of roughly 2,000. In 1939, baseball was first conceived and developed into the national pastime, making it an amazing spot for athletic families. Today, the Baseball Hall of Fame attracts more out-of-town visitors than the entire population of Cooperstown.

In addition to the building itself and its historical significance, visitors will be enamored with the quaint character of the surrounding neighborhood, with its tree-lined lanes and historic buildings. This beautiful, peaceful town’s seasonal vibe shifts with the tourist season, resulting in enjoyable summers and peaceful winters.

Final Word

The availability of so much data for comparison is great news for families looking for a new area to call home. For many working individuals, the ability to identify jobs and firms that allow for remote work is a boon. Modern families have more options than ever before when it comes to deciding where to settle down, thanks to increased access to data and assurances concerning financial stability.

Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Nebraska, and Iowa are the best places in the United States to raise a family, according to HomeSnacks’ 2022 rankings. Clean air and water, good schools, and low crime rates in Maine and Vermont made them the safest and healthiest states in the union. Similar considerations led to New Hampshire’s inclusion in the top five. Nebraska and Iowa are similar because they have a low cost of living and a focus on small towns.

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