Military Bases in New York State

New York was an essential part of the British Empire in North America for the better part of the 1800s. It was one of the original 13 colonies to declare independence from Britain in 1776 when the United States of America came into existence.

Only 13 stars on the American flag represent the states that existed back then. Although New York’s coat of arms was initially adopted in 1778, the state flag itself was not adopted until 1901. Foreign and domestic trade is represented by the great seaworthy ship in the centre of the shield and the smaller ship on the Hudson River, respectively.

1.      Fort Drum

More than 107 thousand acres make up the Fort Drum Army complex in Jefferson County, New York. When it was established in 1908, the base was known as Pine Camp. About 10,000 soldiers were being trained there at the time.

Over 36,000 soldiers participated in the largest peacetime maneuvers operations at the site in 1935. As preparations for World War II ramped up, the Army added a hundred more parcels to the expanding facility. In addition to housing American troops, the site housed German and Italian POWs during World War II.

Fort Drum was named for Lieutenant General Hugh A. Drum in 1951. It saw a flurry of activity during the wars of the following decades. Moreover, it was the site of the earliest Agent Orange experiments, beginning in 1959. The chemical was sprayed on more than a thousand acres, having a devastating effect on several nearby towns. Fort Drum is now the permanent home of the 10th Mountain Division, and it helps train and deploy around 80,000 service members annually.

2.      Fort Hamilton

There is a major army installation right in the middle of Brooklyn, New York City, and it’s called Fort Hamilton. It’s one of the few military bases in the country near a large city. This means that there is no fixed host organism. Members of the five branches of the armed forces, reservists, contractors, and allotted and non-appropriated fund workers of the Department of Defense coexist in one community. Fort Hamilton’s principal purpose is to provide military support to the Army National Guard and the United States Army Reserve. This area also serves as the Military Entrance Processing Station.

3.      Saratoga Springs State

New York’s Saratoga Springs State University enjoys a mountainous setting between the Catskill and Adirondack ranges. Located just 35 km starting Albany, this military installation takes itself in being one of the few in the United States to offer year-round programming for the service members stationed there. There are many connections between the base and the New York State Capital Area. It will try to comply with most of its directives. The original purpose of this military installation was to provide help to the nuclear power training unit (NPTU) based out of West Milton, which is in the same county as the base. However, it’s around 16 kilometers away from there.

Having been wedged in between two mountain ranges has limited this base’s potential for growth. In its place, enhancements and upgrades reflecting the most cutting-edge developments in military technology were largely the norms. The base is home to over 5000 people, including approximately 1750 military personnel, nearly 3300 family members, and approximately 50 civilians who work at the post in various capacities. Despite its tiny size and relatively low population compared to other military installations, this post has some of the best facilities in the region. The locals can shop at supermarkets, gas stations, and a wide variety of other establishments.

Saratoga Springs National University remains committed to its original mission. The area had to deal with various short-term activities because of the inevitable occurrence of unforeseen circumstances, especially during times of war. More units came and went from the base in their pursuit of the ideal civilian residence. The Fleet and Family Support Center is the primary facility on post at present. Considering the base’s reputation for tranquilly, this is quite telling.

Moreover, the facility is home to the Nuclear Power Training Unit. With this installation, this military base has joined the ranks of the most vital in the entire United States of America. The world’s leading countries no longer view nuclear testing as a passing fad; instead view it as an absolute requirement. At long last, the Navy Recruiting Region Detachment has a space to call its own. Sometimes, the base also hosts tenant and associate units in addition to the three main ones. In most cases, their deployments to those locations are short-lived.

4.      United States Military Academy

West Point is the name most people use when referring to the United States Military Academy, while it is also known as USMA, The Academy, and The Point. West Point is one of the four military service academies whose goal is to instill in its Cadets a lifelong dedication to Duty, Honor, and Country via rigorous academic and physical training. If you wish to study here, you must apply yourself and get nominated, usually by a US House of Representatives or Senate member. Cadets need not pay anything to participate if they are invited. Serving your country for an appropriate amount of time after graduation is how you’ll pay for college. As soon as they graduate, Cadets are commissioned as second lieutenants and enter active duty with the United States Army.

Growing up 15 miles for West Point and having worked there through High School as a ticket taker, I can attest that the people that attend this college are literally a cut of their own. All are stellar people. Having known over a dozen graduates from childhood to adulthood, the outcomes for the cadets is next level. I have never seen people launch on trajectory of the graduates here. It makes the Ivy College conference look like a spoiled kid daycare.

5.      Watervliet

Located on the New York side of the Hudson River, Arsenal is a United States Army arsenal. As incredible as it may sound, it has been operating without interruption for nearly two centuries, making it the oldest location in existence. The building’s age contributed to it being designated as a National Historic Landmark. Approximately 2400 items fall under this category. In 1966, this designation was bestowed upon the arsenal. Its principal role nowadays is still making artillery things like gun tubes for tanks or cannons. Thus, it’s still very much alive and well. It covers little less than 150 acres and is located less than 13 kilometers from Albany. The local museum, which has been around since the 17th century and showcases the development of weapons over the centuries, is one of the most significant facilities open to the public on the base.

Although the construction of the arsenal began in 1812, it has remained operational throughout the years. It was constructed for the War of 1812 between the British and the United States. The US declared war on Britain in 1812 due to the limits placed on trade, the large number of American soldiers serving in the British Army, and the continued support provided by the British to Indian armies that opposed American expansion. They struck at the worst possible time for Britain, taking advantage of the conflict with France. To date, that’s Watervliet Arsenal’s only significant contribution to a major war. It was constructed in a prime location on the Hudson River, not far from Troy and Gibsonville. In the beginning, Decius Wadsworth was in charge of the small outpost. He first chose to fortify the little Army, so the arsenal began producing cannon ammo and other small equipment in anticipation of an all-out invasion from the Americans.

Also, the entire arsenal only took up around 12 acres, so the population was unprepared for the War of 1812. However, construction on most of these planned projects was severely limited. Stables, gun houses, brick arsenals, hospitals, and offices were added within a year, making the fort completely operational. Since then, little has altered in the annals of history.

Over its two-hundred-year history, it has obviously undergone renovations. There have been major shifts in the arms trade since then. Simultaneously, the facility was enlarged just before the United States became involved in many major wars. However, despite these improvements, it remains an arsenal and continues to manufacture weapons and related hardware.

In 1992, the most significant expansion strategy was implemented. Over the course of ten years, officials spent more than $350 million renovating and upgrading all of the onsite facilities. After the programme concluded, Watervliet Arsenal could confidently claim to be among the most cutting-edge and sophisticated in the world.

6.      West Point

Even though the United States Military Academy didn’t open until 1802, West Point played a significant role in the birth of the country. The strategic importance of the high plateau on the Hudson River was recognized by the American patriots and the British. In 1778, General George Washington enlisted the services of Taddeus Kosciuszko, a Polish engineer, to plan and construct the fortifications at West Point, which he deemed to be the most crucial strategic point in the entire United States.

In 1779, Washington moved his headquarters closer to West Point. The American Continental Line built forts, gun batteries, and redoubts to prevent British advances along the Hudson and strung a 65-ton iron chain across the river. Despite Major General Benedict Arnold’s treacherous attempt to hand over the garrison to the British in 1780, Fortress West Point remained out of the hands of the invaders. West Point is the oldest regular army base in the United States that is still actively in use.

Final Word

There is a lot of history and culture in New York. With more than 19 million residents, the state ranks number 4 in population density. Its military bases are vital to the defense of the country’s eastern seaboard.

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