Best Places to Live If You Commute To NYC

Living in New York City is the dream of most people. However, the hustle and bustle of New York’s fast-paced New York lifestyle may occasionally encourage some people to seek refuge in a slightly calmer location away from the city’s crowds.

If you want to keep a piece of New York with you but think you’re ready to explore other areas, especially to live a more relaxed lifestyle once in a while, some outstanding commuter towns in New York would fit the bill nicely. Here is a list of some of the best commuter towns in New York City.

Here is a list of some of the best commuter towns in New York.


Bronxville is the ideal compromise for individuals who want to escape the bustling streets of New York without committing to staying in the full-blown suburbs since it strikes the perfect balance between living in New York and living in the suburbs.

This welcoming small town spans a square mile and is located about 15 miles on the northern end of Lower Manhattan. When you visit Bronxville, you’ll be greeted by commuters making their way to the shops, eateries, schools, or the nearby Metro-North railway station. It’s a well-kept neighborhood with an upscale but not New York flashy demographic. 

You can live in various settings, from apartments and single-family homes to rental spots or townhouses. Colonials and Tudors built throughout the nineteenth century make up a large portion of the available housing.

Bronxville boasts adorable shops and eateries with delectable cuisines, one of which is Elia Taverna — a quality restaurant that sells delicious Greek dishes and seafood.


Once known as one of the wealthiest towns in the world, Tarrytown boasts a rich history, exquisite architecture and a modern yet vintage feel. Tarrytown’s population is approximately 11,572, and sits close to the beautiful Hudson Valley, near Route 287.

This small town is the perfect blend of flair and functionality. Midtown is ideal if you don’t want to travel for more than an hour because it’s just around an hour from NYC and offers easy accessibility to Connecticut and New Jersey.

The town has charming stores and several excellent restaurants, including Lefteris Gyro, a well-known Greek eatery that serves delectable moussaka. This town is a package deal and a fantastic spot to seek refuge with a cozy small-town atmosphere, breathtaking vistas, and an outstanding local school for the young.

Port Washington

Port Washington sits on Long Island’s Northern Shore and houses approximately 16,232 people. The scenic views and the town’s proximity to the ocean fishing, sunset views, boating and fishing are some features that attract commuters to this town.

The neighborhood has several parks, golf courses, marinas and yacht clubs, so you can rest assured that you will never have a dull day in town. Port Washington spreads across 5.6 square miles, of which 1.4 miles is the water and 4.2 miles is the land.

You will also find a diverse selection of stores and eateries like ‘Dreams Ice-cream and Waffles’ that sell the most delectable desserts, which everyone in town loves — especially during the summer.

If you commute to Port Washington, you should also stop by Nino’s Beach. The restaurant provides a beautiful ambiance that transports customers to the Mediterranean. They’re famous for their delicious seafood, pizza, and cocktails.


Monroe, NY is an ideal location for people that are looking to raise young families and are not looking to break the bank on housing. You must be willing to take a 60 to 90 minute commute in though.

The schools are wonderful in this area as well as the opportunities for youngsters after school. Monroe and the surrounding areas are often referred to as “Bedroom Communities”, because Monday through Friday most people just sleep here and commute to NYC. You won’t get to know your neighboors until the weekend.

Real estate agents will often tell you the further you move from the city, the lower the prices go and that is true. This area is home to Woodbury Commons and many of your co-workers will take the trek out to see you in country.

Let’s Look at Some Places in Jersey


When you find out how long it takes to travel from New York City to Hoboken, you will understand why this town is popular with commuters. The train can take you from New York to Hoboken in only 15 minutes, making it the ideal location for commuters who don’t want to travel long distances but want to escape city life. The town has a lot to offer visitors.

Hoboken is ideal for individuals who enjoy living near water since it is nestled across the breathtaking Hudson River. You can enjoy walking in the moonlight near the river at night or bask in the morning sun while admiring the stunning skyline of New York. You can also go fishing and enjoy water sports activities with your friends.

The town is also home to several restaurants, bars and parks, which have a city-like feel. Amanda’s is one of Hoboken’s most popular eateries that is well-known for serving the best Argentinian empanadas. They have live music playing as well, which is the cherry on top.

Hoboken’s architecture also has a strong New York City vibe, so if you love the New York City atmosphere living in Hoboken will be much similar to living n NYC. The only difference will be that it will be much calmer than the bustling streets of New York.


Maplewood is the top pick if you want to commute to a quieter, more peaceful neighborhood. This place is undoubtedly a hidden treasure, only a half-hour commute from New York City. It’s a relatively tiny town, but it’s packed with charming stores, fantastic art, and restaurants that make it worthwhile to visit.

If you choose to commute there, don’t forget to explore the well-known attraction Park Wood Diner which serves the most delicious burgers.  If you enjoy literature and art, Maplewood will quickly become one of your favorite New York towns.


According to legend, the Algonquian language is where the title Weehawken came from. The territory was claimed to have been populated by the Hackensack and Tappan tribes. The word “Weehawken” can be defined as “maize land.”

In recent years, Weehawken has become one of the most sought-after destinations among New York commuters.

The 30-minute drive to Midtown is one of the factors in its appeal to commuters looking to explore new locations close to Midtown. Weehawken is also a beachfront community, which is an added plus since who doesn’t enjoy taking in the picturesque vistas and watching the sunset over the water?

The Hudson River shoreline is lined with condo complexes and modern apartments, most of which sit close to the boats at Port Imperial and Lincoln Harbor, allowing visitors to reach Midtown within ten minutes. Visitors can also utilize the bus stations dispersed across the town to get to their jobs.

Additionally, you will find multiple options for the residence since the town has modest townhouses, elegant Victorian and Tudor-style residences, and several exotic villas. The homes all have distinctive architectural designs.

The abundance of parks in the area, which are perfect for lovely nights spent outdoors, is one factor that attracts families to this community. Start strong by exploring Hamilton Park, which gets its name from an extraordinary historical event.

Its name comes from Alexander Hamilton, who passed away in Weehawken due to a known fight. You should also visit Weehawken Pier, which leads to the famous Hudson River and is the perfect location to enjoy a sunrise or sunset and take in the beauty of your surroundings.

If you are a food lover, you will also appreciate the town’s food scene and the unique selection of eateries. The Chart House is one of the top-rated eateries in Weehawken that you must try. You could indulge in the delectable drinks they serve at the bar or feast on a full-blown dinner. The Kim Chi Calamari is highly recommended.

Lastly, the local schools are renowned for their academic excellence. If you have children, you can be confident they will have access to quality education.


Connecticut is nearest to New York City, with a trip to Grand Central Terminal taking approximately 45 minutes for commuters to reach Midtown. Greenwich has a great deal to offer for those looking to escape city life while still making the trip back to Manhattan in a manageable time.

Greenwich is split up into four areas Cos Cob, Greenwich Proper, Old Greenwich and Riverside. The long Island beachfront is nothing less than a treat to the Greenwich residents, where you can also spend the weekends watching the sunset or indulging in water sports activities.

Bleecker Street Pizza is one attraction you must check out when commuting to Greenwich. All visitors and locals love the eatery, and their pizzas are some of the best you will ever have. The owner Greg is known to be an absolute sweetheart, and he will make your whole experience even more delightful. While you are there, don’t forget to try their customer favorite, ‘Nonna Maria.’

The beauty of the town-like atmosphere and the sophisticated attractions of a nearby city make Greenwich stand out as an excellent town for commuters. The Town also has a remarkable school system making it an ideal commuter town for people with children.

Concluding Thoughts

So, which town on this list of the best commuter towns in New York piqued our interest? Whatever town you select from this list, you are sure to have a remarkable experience, and who knows, maybe you will enjoy the town so much that you will choose to live there permanently. Let the adventure begin!

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